Good News Nokia N9 Users, Nokia Link Updated to Windows XP and Vista

Good News Nokia N9 Users, Nokia Link Updated to Windows XP and Vista

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Good News to Nokia N9 users, Nokia link has a new version that continue to support computers with Windows XP and Windows Vista operating system as part of the improvement program to meet the needs of their user.

Reports says that with the new version, transferring or copying of mobile content to computer is not difficult anymore. Nokia Beta Labs stresses a simple way to do it. It’s a matter of linking the Nokia N9 to your computer following the easy steps to remove content from the mobile. Just make sure to have the Nokia Link app downloaded on the phone to make it work. But first you will be ask to create an account to access the app download.

While the old version had been encountering some errors, the Nokia Link latest version makes sure to fix it all.

Windows XP and Vista were just an addition to Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. So, if you’re not aware yet, according to some reports these operating systems work well to meet your Nokia N9 needs.

Nokia N9 seems so special that syncing your contacts and calendar with Nokia Link is made simple and natural. Just visit their website for syncing details (Nokia Beta Labs).

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