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Online Media Vs Printed Media

Feb 21, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Random Post

What do You prefer Online Information or Printed Media ?

It has been a long discussion wether it is better to read information in Printed Media or in a Blog? There are some information that I believe blog could give better information. An example is when we are talking about Technology. It usually takes 2 days to 1 week before Printed News Media could provide the information that happen in a certain gatherings such as “Tech Expo”.

It is because printed media has some step to be done before they can print information such as checking from editors and other staff. Well in blogs information is readily available after a blogger saw it. Usually after seeing a certain product a blogger gathers information and blog about it.A good information and reviews on net can be see earlier than Printed media, So I believe in Technology it is better to rely on blogs. But one should be able to distinguish which blog can be trusted.

But on other news which involves politics and other information that deals with the sensitive information I believe it is better to trust a Print media or the online version of it.

When it comes to Book I prefer to use printed media since I can always mark it and do some note on the book itself I am having a hard time reading e-book. That is why I always print it and waste my inkjet cartridges 🙂 .

So which you prefer an Online Media or Printed Media . Online Media is Free and Printed is not.

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