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Tech At Hand Dot Net 2011 Year End Report

It is a tradition for every bloggers to make reports on what happened on their blogging career for the year. So here I am making my blogging report for year 2011.

This year is a great year for Tech At Hand Dot Net, a year when I experience lots of things from high traffic, to Google AdSense ban, Panda update bomb and many more. But this year is the most fruitful year for me when it comes to financial blessings through this blog and my other blogs. So let me itemized the great things and opportunities that happen to me this year.

Here are some points to encourage new bloggers:

  1. I manage to earn a net online income of six digit in Philippine Peso for one month and a constant five digit in Philippine Peso per month. (I am not a full-time blogger)
  2. This year, I understood the importance of having collaboration and getting new ideas for this blog. I learn that blogging could be a business and I could enjoy blogging without being burn out. [ Blog as an investment ]
  3. We were hit by Panda update and the traffic goes down to 50%. Some of the keywords which I am ranking for years have been hit by SEO Panda update. It’s an opportunity because it urge me to study again the new techniques of SEO nowadays. I started reading updates from different SEO blog that I am subscribed before.
  4. We were given the Tech Blog Award by PEBA.
  5. My blog earnings manage to pay the monthly amortization of our lot purchased at Antel Grand Village (It’s 27 T per month)
  6. I have learned other sources of blog income aside from AdSense. Special thanks to Nuffnang and Marimedia.
  7. We manage to close deals with some advertisers in this blog.
  8. After my AdSense ban, I was able to know that Chitika (I reinstate my Chitika  gold account after the ban) also pays good and a great AdSense alternative.
  9. Tech At Hand manage to have a new advertisers..
  10. I have manage to increase my domains to 30+, some of them is just a protection domain to those earning domains. It is my prevention from domain squatting.

Special thanks to the team of Batangas Today and editors, Marhgil Macuha, Sheila Macuha and Angel Cuala.

Below is a screen shot of my blog performance this year 2011, I manage to get 1 million Unique Visitors and 1.4 Million Page views. It is actually double than last year visit. As you can see Panda update have really affected our traffic. The big drop of traffic actually happen at mid of October. We have not yet recovered on that update. But I do hope that future update will be good for us. It was only on December when I manage to get back the AdSense of this blog. No AdSense in my blog from January to November of this year. But I still manage to get my online income as shown in #1. I have now reduced intrusive ads and replace it with AdSense.

Visitors Overview - Google Analytics

There is really money in blogging, you just have to concentrate on what you are doing and think out of the box. Don’t forget to get some advise from others. Collaboration is also good. I will post y plan for next year by next week.

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  • Hehehe paano po ba maging adsense partner dito?

    • @Bob,

      He he he exclusive lang po 🙂 yung earnings ko actually as a whole na yan 🙂 pati mga iba ko sites…

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  • Hello Sir Dex. The report is very nice and informative. I just notice na may Adsense kana ulit. Nice at nakabalik adsense mo. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    • @Bob,

      Actually di ko Adsense yan.. I just learn that when somebody has been banned sa Adsense that does’nt mean na na banned na lahat ng site mo. 🙂 But An Adsense under my name ay wala na for life.. 🙂 .. Happy New year 🙂

  • kay husay mo talaga pre… tips naman jan kung paano ka ulit nagkaron ng adsense,, 🙂 Congrats!

    • @juan,

      Sabihin na nating may nagpapagamit ng account nya sa akin ngayon 🙂 kasi technically di na ako pwedeng magkaroon ng Adsense.. for life.. 🙂

      Sana nga patuloy ang blessing next year..

  • special mention pala kami dito. thanks din for being part of BT! yung macuha.com ko, napabayaan ko na din, ginawa ko na lang personal blog and will focus more on BT. happy new year!

  • nice post dex, wow galing 6 digits. ganon ata talaga ang buhay may blessings, meron din trials.
    good thing may adsense kana ulit. God bless bro. Sana maganda tong 2012 natin. 🙂

    • @Glenn,
      salamat sa Diyos.. For me I consider Trials as Opportunities in Life.. Happy New and I do hope that we could have a blessed 2012…

  • Hi Dexter,
    This is the kind of post that I always love to read to gain inspiration. It’s a true story and it’s based on your real experience. I agree… there is really money on the Internet. And if we will be able to establish it right, it can also become our passive income. I hope that you post will be read by more bloggers out there who want some solid motivation.

    • @Vic,

      Thanks, I love having passive income in the net. it also enable me to do other things in life. And I do hope that this post could encourage other that we can earn also from Blogging. Happy New Year..

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