I stayed in Taal Batangas for a Week

This post might be too late. I have been in the Home of The Best Tapa for 1 week. Actually Taal Batangas is my home town and it is really great to be back where I studied until grade 6. The place had changed a lot since my childhood days. My parents and my relatives business in that place is ” Tapa & Longanisa @ Taal Batangas ” ( I love that food ) . Below are some of the pictures worth to share.

Basilica of Taal Batangas

Basilica of Taal Batangas

Above picture is the Basilica of Taal, an old Catholic Church located in the town of Taal Batangas.

Rizal College of Taal Batangas

Above pictures is the Rizal College of Taal Batangas Extension. A new building renovated as Rizal College Extension.

Taal Batangas Houses

A sample of an old house which you can see in Taal, Batangas

Municipal Hall of Taal Batangas

Above picture is the Municipal Hall of Taal, Batangas

Taal Batangas Plaza

Above picture is the Plaza Taal, Batangas, where the Basketball games is usually being held.

Taal Batangas Houses

Above picture is the taken in one of the street going to Taal, Batangas, Public Market.

I hope you like the pictures.

Maybe some of you are wondering how come an SEO site becomes a travel site. Well I am now in Philippines having my vacation. So expect more pictures from my travel.

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    james delos santos

    Hi dexter. It’s so nice for you to share this vacation to people. I’m a radiologist by profession. I’m just wondering if you can advice me where to stay in case i’m going to taal for an overnight stay. i am really planning to do this soon. likewise, can you advice me also what month /day is perfect to visit the place. some of my friends who have been there said they visited the different spots of the town by foot. Do you advice this also? thank you so much.

    • 4
      Dexter Panganiban

      @james delos santos,

      Taal is the place where I was born, There are some Hotel ( an old House – Converted to Hotel ) in the town proper.

      I would suggest you to come during summer since there are lots of beach near Taal. I would also suggest that you should stay for more than 1 day.

      You can see ancestral house and old relics in Taal.

      Yup.. You have to walk so that you can see the beauty of Taal Batangas

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