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After all the tears and sufferings of the Filipinos who are greatly affected by the typhoon Yolanda, a big number of Filipinos and Foreign countries with a big heart had showed their concern and affection to the victims. They all became an instrument for the Filipinos to start a new beginning with their lives.

Faith Website
The Philippine government had put into action an online site which will be very useful for the Filipinos as well as with different nations to track and monitor the foreign reserves through pledges. This site is called “ FAiTH” which stands for Foreign Aid Transparency Hub. This web was launched last November 18, 2013 (Monday). The site can be accessed by logging in into

Before, the Philippine government has no way on giving updates to the people regarding the funds they are receiving. But after the hub was made, the people as well as the foreign countries were given the right to see and receive the up to date information and details about the donations people had given to the country. FAiTH had made it possible to view if the funds are directly given and used to give reliefs and aid assistance for those people who are greatly affected by the natural disaster.

The hub is not only made by the government to be an informative site regarding the funds and assistance but it also shows an expression of gratitude for those individuals and countries that made it possible for the Filipinos to stand again after they fell into a well of sorrows caused by typhoon Yolanda.

FAiTH is one way and strategy of the Philippine Government on patronizing a community who is working together in order to start and rebuild those damaged community in the country. Giving a life with the people who are affected is possible as long as we will hold our hands together to start a new beginning.

Jasmin Sagala

Jasmin is a Registered Nurse by profession. She loves to write articles about medical and technology. She is capable and fluent on English language both Speaking and Writing. Follow her at twitter @jas_sagala and add her @Google+ and contact us at [email protected].

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