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Philippine Election 2010 Computerization is one of the subject that has been discussed during the iblog5, And as far as I know the Comelec has received 7 proposal from different companies with their technical and commercial offer. Now the question that I have in mind is, are we Filipinos ready for the Philippine Election 2010 Computerization ?, Some may say Yes we can and some may argue that we cannot do it. But I believe that we have to make it on a level by level approach. As an example the Comelec should implement it first with Luzon or either NCR. I don’t think it will be easy to make it in the whole country with in the remaining time which is less than a year of preparation.

I know that there are no such perfect program that cannot be hacked. As of this time it is still impossible to have a perfect system. But at least they can make the system with high security that it will be impossible for a hacker to do it on a specified time.

So for me, The government should try to do the automation and be automated. Common’ we are already in the computer stage and we should not be left behind from other countries.

I would prefer to have a computerized election and counting rather than having a manual counting that will take weeks just to know the winner. Just do it.

So Will you go for Computerized or Remain in Manual Election ? Opinions are welcome .

Dexter Panganiban

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  1. 1

    It’s a good thing that they had implemented an Automated Election during this period of election but the Baranggay or Local Elections are still under the manual election process.

  2. 3

    “We won’t be using the PCOS Machine for the May 2010 Election”. Idiots! People that we have are bloody idiots. This is suppose to be very simple job for the COMELEC dummies. All they need to do is to assess and follow the established procedures of the more advanced countries who have been using the technology for years and they weren’t able to do it. The technology is perfect, we just dont have the right people. Just try to check how much money from the treasury have we used for the purchase of the fuckin PCOS Machine.

  3. 5
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  4. 6

    no need to hack the was already programmed to do the dirty cheats.. peace out..”aanhin mo pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo?” in other words..sensor is useless if you disable it..

  5. 7
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  6. 10

    i’m working at the government before but because of our PALAKASAN SYSTEM i resigned, i’ve been working for almost 7 years in the field of comp technology this Automation election can be use by our corrupt leaders for their clean CHEATING…every program have a cheat…when you play video games you can cheat…if you own some supermarket/department store…you can cheat by hiding some products…so that you can less the tax you will paid…and we have a lot of software using this modern age for that can break a security codes…even if the system will be failed can still be access…that software use by some of the agent in the government…used for the surveillance…they can even cheat in our traditional election using People have brain and and heart, how much more on this technology and program by a person?

    “in time of crisis people dont mind bout their self-respect…politics are very dirty in our country,vote buying is rampant, a fair election solution is not by using new technology which were giving them a chance to a CLEAN CHEATING ELECTION..a fair election will happen if everybody have their self respect.”

    for the COMELEC

    1. Who are those public servant during the bidding of the machine use for the election?

    2. who made that program?

    if you can answer this some question then we will be able to help this Automation Election workout

    • 11
      Dexter Panganiban


      A good question.. Although I believed that it will still take time to crack the system. But for sure in the next election it will be vulnerable. And you are right there is no hack free system. There is always a hole where crooks could enter, I just hope this hole will not be found out soon

  7. 12
    richard meriveles

    I am a student studying Information Technology. I agree that the system how excellent it is can still be hacked. But, it is in human’s heart to do evil thing. If we unite as ONE, filipinos as we are, This is our country! we Love it! The issue is not hacking, it is always the bad intention of a few evil filipino people. Automation is a big leap for a change in corrupt government we have.

    My heart is aching writing this but I cannot deny that my American friends are mentioning this to me. I am ashamed of it but I must stand as a filipino. We can change it all! We must unite and help our COMELEC to have a clean voting system this 2010.

    I would suggest to my fellow lovers of technology, I know you have a gadgets with you such as cellphone and camera recorders. Be at the precinct and watched out. Record all what is happening there. Hide it for yourself. Be a hero of this country. It is a great evidence when there will be a foul play. hehehe c” , )

  8. 16

    i’ve been doing some research and i cannot find how much a manual election would cost vs an automated elections…

    i want to know, just so i could fully weigh the pros and cons…

    We, filipinos have the knack of living way beyond our means just so we could follow the trend…haste makes waste…

    how many percentage of the filipino people are educated? computer illiterate? do we have the resources not to mention the patience to herd the illiterate filipinos in the step by step process of an automated election?

    there are no guarantees..nothing is impenetrable when it comes to security, if there is a will there is a way to rig just about anything. my chief concern is, how prepared are we? security wise, education wise, budget wise?

    too much eagerness to follow the lead of progressive countries is not a wise decision, we are way behind, we can’t just skip lanes or stages…why can’t we for once try to think things through as a whole package and imagine the whole scenario before enforcing our personal convictions?

    i agree..increment by increment, slowly but (probably) sure eh.

  9. 23
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    Still the sharks will try hard to foil this project. You know, you know (manny pacquiao), griter pawer needs greter responsibilis.. hehe

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  10. 25
    Chris |

    well i guess politicians ahd government will be corrupt and will get all the budget for their personal purposes.

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  11. 26

    Well, in this fast upgrading society where anyone can hack, it is hard to put the pressure of a nation on computers, especially if the data it holds is votes of the people. What if someone hacks into the computer and plays with the numbers there? That will be very difficult to fix. Manual is absolutely better than computerization automation.

    deuxs last blog post..The Cousins’ Pick Of The Week! 1: Computers In Plain English.

    • 27
      Rob Angeles

      @deux, And I think this is the reason why I suggested careful planning. If we will stick to this kind of thinking every time we pursue modernization, the Philippines will always remain the way it is today.

      Rob Angeless last blog post..5 Easy Tips To Sell Social Media To Your Boss For Dummies

    • 28
      Dexter Panganiban

      I believe that the result can always be checked manually if there will be a protest with the result. although it will cost a lot.

      But at least we have to move forward. if it works well in ARMM election, They should also try to implement it in the national election.

      And i think they already learned from that election.

  12. 29
    Rob Angeles

    As an advocate of technology, I would prefer tedious process be automated specially something like the National elections. But I’m very skeptical with the implementation time line considering this effort is nationwide.

    I remember when I was still a member of PCS. There was one session when people from COMELEC were asking the help of the private sector because they were running out of time. I can’t believe that up to now, they’re still running out of time.

    Implementing such a system is a pain and a lot of factors are needed to be considered. Some government officials are cramming just to implement it but in my opinion, careful planning is needed to reach an optimal percentage of implementation. Besides, the money being used here is tax-payer’s money. If it fails, then we just waste precious resources.

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    • 30
      Dexter Panganiban

      @Rob Angeles,

      Election Computerization has been discussed for a long time and I believe it is now time to move forward and try a new system.

      We need to advance. I agree that careful planning should be done to implement this. I was just astonished when I heard the news today that they will doing to decide about the technical offers with in a week. In my opinion it should be studied well and at least 1 month is needed to test the system.

    • 31

      @Rob Angeles,

      I strongly disagree on that one. You see, there are many things to gamble if this automated voting will take place. Yes, I agree that we are in the computer stage and we are straying far behind because we don’t use these machines BUT, machines have limitations, they can easily be manipulated, in other words “hack.”
      Another thing,according to an article, in the ARMM region, 30% of the population there is considered illiterate in using computer technologies such as the ones we are going to use in the 2010 elections. Can you imagine? That 30% is only in Mindanao, what more if we count the illiterate people nationwide?
      COMELEC told us that illiteracy is not a problem, but that’s a lie!
      There are more than millions of people who is not properly educated to use these machines and we have only less than a year to educate these people to use it. Do you think that the time is enough to educate them?
      Based from another article, there are only a number of disadvantages with manual method of voting compared to using these machines. I’m a little bit irritated because they’re spending billions for a machine which is more prone to cheating.
      In addition to that, we ARE in the computer age, meaning many have the ability to manipulate machines.
      Testing the system is not enough, even if the machines were tested and proved that it is safe to use, many are still wondering on how to use it because it is just a new trend.


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