Ultrasonic Pest Repellents: How Do They Work?

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From blenders to refrigerators to washing machines – everything is now connected via electromagnetic waves. They sort of communicate with each other using their invisible, electricity generated language. Soon, everything will be using these “waves” to function. And yes, including those weird gadgets.

Belonging to the weird category are pest repellents. Why? Technological “breakthroughs” have claimed that they are now using ultrasonic waves to kill and/or repel pests, but how do they work exactly? This article will tell you how.

What are Ultrasonic Waves?

Ultrasonic waves are high frequency sounds (more than 20,000 MHz) that are not audible to the human ear. Other animals use ultrasonic sound such as bats. Fortunately (or unfortunately), our ears aren’t sensitive enough to hear these types of sound, but pests do.

How Do They Work?

You see, certain pests like spiders and ants have very acute sense of hearing venturing well within the ultrasonic range. As such, the pests go crazy when these high-frequency sound waves are emitted. Some manufacturers even claim that their ultrasonic pest repellents “distrupts the nervous system” of pests.


Pest repellents that only emit ultrasonic sounds are much safer than conventional or traditional pest control devices. Traps, chalks, and the like contain poisonous chemicals that are dangerous for people and pets. In fact, I’ve had plenty of experiences wherein  my cat or my neighbor’s cat dies because it ate some random mouse that ingested Racumin. Children are exposed to the same risk too. As such electronic repellents are deemed to be a much safer alternative.

Well, in theory this should work – just imagine a person shrieking into your ear and you’ll get the point. But main question is – do they really work?

The answer to that actually depends on the pest repellent you bought the reliability of the manufacturer. Here are some general guidelines to make sure that a repellent is effective.

1. When it comes to pest repellents, you have to be brand conscious.

2. Make sure that they have good reviews. Check Amazon or Ebay for positive reviews. Good pest repellents usually has 3 stars.

3. Make sure that your pest repellent is suited to the pest you are targeting. If you want to get rid of ants then choose one that actually repels ants. Please don’t go for bird repellents and say that it’s not working.


All in all, most of pest repellents actually do work. It’s bad purchasing decisions that makes them ineffective. If you’re going to buy a gadget that uses an unconventional form of technology then make sure that you have researched the product very well. Good luck repelling pests!


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