Top 4 Tech Father’s Day Gifts

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Father’s Day is just around the corner so it’s high time you start looking for something that will appease the old man. Forget the complete set of Guns N’ Roses Platinum Edition – give him something more upbeat and modern. Something like these 5 tech Father’s Day Gifts.

1. Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer 7300 (Packaging May Vary)

Beards and mustaches are awesome and all, but a poorly-maintained stubble is nothing but annoying. You should probably get your dad an electric trimmer to assist him in his facial hair fashion endeavors. Give him something like the Philips Norelco QT4070 Vacuum Beard Trimmer which has an added vacuum feature that instantly removes the boring task of cleaning the sink. Straight-razor blades are pretty expensive so the Vacuum Beard Trimmer is a welcome treat at only $49.95. Plus, it’s a great time saver and one of the best Father’s Day Gifts.

2. Sony SmartWatch 2

Gadgets are getting smaller by the day and if you want to accessorize your android smartphone, look no further than the Sony SmartWatch 2. We’d like to recommend you to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear too, but it’s $100 more expensive than the SmartWatch, which makes Sony’s smart gadget a great Father’s Day gift. It’s a gadget that exudes true form and function – the SmartWatch 2 is primarily fitted with a basic rubber band (say what?) but can be upgraded to either metal or leather just for that extra touch of class. The SW2 also boasts a 1.6 inch display that’s just right for browsing media and checking online notifications. And checking the time. Don’t forget reading the time. It’s also sun-readable, so your pops don’t have to worry making awkward hand gestures while reading the time.

3. Gerber 30-000469 Dime Micro Tool, Black

If your Dad’s a man on the go, he’ll definitely appreciate the Gerber Dime Micro Tool. It’s a classy swiss knife at worst and your dad’s soon-to-be best friend at best. It has ten handy components including an ever-present bottle opener. It’s 3-inch length when folded makes the Gerber easy to put away in his pocket.

4. Spykee Wi-Fi Spy Robot

If you’re Dad’s far away from his man cave, he may be feeling lonely…even insecure that his abode will be intruded by the likes of your mom. Well, he shan’t worry no more! With the Spykee Wi-Fi Spy Robot, monitoring his sanctuary is possible even if he’s in Timbuktu. Record videos, take pictures, and even control this smart robot from anywhere in the world. Truly, one of the best Father’s Day Gifts for Dad’s with man-caves.


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