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I Just Graduated From UMIF 2011 Basic Photography Class

Oct 9, 2011 by     No Comments    Posted under: Digital Photography

I would like to thank UMIF Riyadh Saudi Arabia for teaching us the Basic Photography, now I can say that I can use my camera in manual mode. Special mention to Professor Ronnie De Vera for giving us tips which is really easy to understand.  I learn a lot from the 4 day session that we’ve made. I learn the functions of Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed, the three main important factors to consider in photography. I also learn that every photos that a photographer uploads must always be the best, because it will reflect the type of photographer you are. Now I could start learning more about photography since I know the basic. Imagine I waited for 3.5 Year after buying my DSLR Canon EOS 400d to learn the basics.

I also learn how to take still life photos with DOF in manual mode.

I also learn how to use Lightroom, and do the post processing (pp). They only did the Adobe Lightroom introduction.

Here are two photos taken during out door shooting.

UMIF Basic Photography Class Completed


Model : Neribe Doloricon , Saudi Arabia Pop Icon Season 3

I hope to share more photos in the future. Hope you like the above photos of a newbie photographer.

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