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Chitika Says I am Expert in SEO

Mar 1, 2009 by     11 Comments    Posted under: Problogging - Make Money Online

I have joined Chitika and put their codes in my blog.Their ads only shows in areas such as US , Canada and Europe. Last February 15th – 21st Chitika made an assessment in my blog which compares to the 50 high-earning Chitika Publishers. And I would like to share you their findings about my SEO in this blog πŸ™‚

Factor 3: U.S. Search Engine Traffic/SEO

Search engine traffic is extremely targeted, and advertisers are willing to pay better for this type of traffic.  People coming to your site from search engines are most often the people who click on ads.  And specifically to Chitika, our Premium ads will only show to this type of traffic!

Your Account  – 66.95%
Chitika Top Performer Averages – 46.60%

Awesome – looks like you are already doing great with your SEO! Even though you are already an "expert" in this area

Yes you saw it right, I am an expert :)  LOL , I cannot believe that top Chitika Publishers is having only 46.60 % percent coming from the search engine. But since my Chitika ads is place somewhere in the bottom of my blog post and not positioned to optimized the ads. I donÒ€ℒt have a very good CTR. In fact it is really very low compared to top 50.

Chitika Says I am Expert in SEO

and for the record I have not earn much money from them yet.

I would like to thank Chitika for having this kind of study and evaluation. and reminding me to do some work in order to earn from their system. What about you ? Are you sucessfull with Chitika ? If you have not yet tried it you can enroll here ( Referral Affiliate Links )

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  • Hello guys newbie here.. Your insights and comments are very helpful it always gives me a fresh idea to be a good blogger. http://www.depot.king.com

  • wow,that’s AWESOME!Congrats! πŸ™‚

    Michelle | Myjournal.phs last blog post..Memory Verse (March 2, 2009)

  • hmmm… masubukan nga ito… i have lots of visitors coming from the US eh… whahhahahha… thanks for sharing! ^_^

  • nice…

    they rated me 90.98 in that category..pero sa US visitor (Factor 02) eh 18.02 lang ako.. huhuhu….
    but honestly this evaluation reminds me of one thing..

    inorder to be successful in any payperclick (adsense, chitika, kontera) we should target keywords that attract ” US audience”…

    compare it with the board exam results.. got it?

    zaldss last blog post..The Affiliate Thermostat

    • @zalds,
      You are right Zalds.. Well actually when i put up this code I just forget it.. LOL.. I have not targeted any keywords that relates to US.. Anyway This also reminds me to put their codes on those site that I have lots of US Visitors πŸ™‚

      Dexter | Tech At Hand Dot Nets last blog post..Chitika Says I am Expert in SEO

  • Congrats mate. This will give your blog a much higher reputation. ehe.. gudluck!


    macobexs last blog post..Siftables – Cookie-Like Computers; The Future of Computing.

  • congratulations! ang galing naman.. i’ll try to put chitika on my blogs para naman hindi masayang ang SEO efforts..

    JuanDerPul PINOYs last blog post..The Mystical Plaza: Prostitution Den at Night

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