My First Ever Paid Affiliate

Yiippeee I am happy to announced that I got my first ever affiliate links thru this site. This is with the use of . This is the links that is shown above using the anchor text Monetize Your Site . That is 0.114025 % of those clicking the links . Anyway I am happy because I can now try the use of PayPal. I wan not checking this site already then suddenly today by chance I tested to open the site and was amazed to have one affiliate referrals. This will be one of the reason why I will still continue posting at this site even I have my new blog at the WordPress. This site is still earning a lot both from adsense and ReviewMe I still don’t have any earning from Blogvertise

Can you share some views regarding affiliate links.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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    i signed up with TLA but as of now, i’ve yet to submit a site to them. i did my homework on TLA and it seems that they judge the value off putting up affiliate links on your site depending on your page rank, alexa and other stuff… as of now google hasn’t updated the PRs so sylv3rblade will have to wait for that before he gets his 25 USD (or do you get referral bonus even if i haven’t submitted any site(s) yet?).

  2. 4

    It is easy to earn, I thnik it would be great if there are lots of traffic. The Technology Niche site is the one who can earn good amount from TLA.

    And it is good to know that you are one of them who earn from TLA. By the way as per their site they will give payment immidiately any experience ?

    I just update my Seeting yesterday to put my Paypal Account

  3. 5

    Atm, TLA is my main source of income. I’ve had 1 affiliate sign-up in Aug, 6 in September and 2 for October.

    It’s really very rewarding considering you just need to ask people to signup to earn cash.

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