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No More Hidden Post

Jul 26, 2008 by     No Comments    Posted under: Problogging - Make Money Online

No More Hidden Post For the last months I had been doing some SEO post that is sometimes totally irrelevant about Technology, SEO and Blogging but most of the time relevant to Philippines and my Family . I have been hiding all this post thru my Random Post Category via a Plug-in. Maybe for some few readers they have manage to see this post since it is still appearing in the recent post if you are in the post page.

I must admit that those post that was included in that category give more visitors and new friends for this blog. And I am happy to announce that all those post from Today will be shown in my sidebar and there will be no more hidden post for this blog.

Of course most of the time it is off topic.All my post under Random Post Category will be included. I might add other categories in the future.

Most of those blog post includes Philippine Current Events and some Keywords that I am testing to optimize in order to get new visitors and of course possible clicks from ads from search engine visitors. Remember I am giving free E-Book on How to Earn from Current Events.

BTW those post will not be shown in the feeds. So it is only provided in this blog. But If there will be lots of request to include it in feeds I can also do it.

So that’s it for now and Happy Blogging to all of You. It also reminds me that I am blogger and I am not a News or Tech reporter. 🙂

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