Review HP Scanjet 5590 Digital Flatbed Scanner (L1910A)

I have been using Primo PDF in converting any Microsoft documents into PDF and it works really great but for my hard copy scanning I use my HP Scanjet 5590 Scanner.

What is my HP Scanjet 5590 Scanner Specification?

A flatbed scanner with document feeder with

with it’s Task speed – Less than 24 sec: 4 x 6-in color photo into Microsoft Word; less than 36 sec: OCR a full page of text into Microsoft Word; less than 18 sec: e-mail photo

What is My experience using this Machine?

I may say that this scanner is really good. It has a feature of having a scan output with Microsoft Word and PDF. Although I am not yet successful in scanning Documents with pictures into Microsoft Word. What I mean is having a very good result that all pictures and text is in order after scanning.

If I am scanning about 30 pages I prefer to scan it as picture and not having and editable Text.

The scanner is using its own program called HP Director. The HP Director will ask you on what type of document will you scan and what will be the resulting documents after scan. It is either PDF or Microsoft Word.

You could scan Camera Films using this machine.

The document feeder works great when scanning multiple pages.

A also like it’s one touch button to scan for filing, Scan Picture,Scan to email and scan to PDF.

Do I have any Problems encountered?

It is very slow if you will scanned a text documents by using OCR. Aside from the problem mentioned there is nothing to share.


I suggest you to buy this scanner if you are planning to buy one. A good investment.

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