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Testing nuffnang A New Advertising Network

Aug 27, 2008 by     43 Comments    Posted under: Problogging - Make Money Online

Ok I am now testing Nuffnang in this blog. Nuffnang has just been implemented in Philippines.

Testing nuffnang A New Advertising Network

Below are some information taken from their site on How much will a blogger earn for a specific ads.

Well you will earn depends on the number of Average Unique visitors you received in the week that the ad campaign is built. You will then be arranged into specific “Blogger bands” that directly correspond to your number of Average Unique visitors. For each campaign, you will be paid a fixed amount for every ad unit. The amount depends on what your Blogger band is. The higher your Blogger band (i.e. more unique visitors), the higher your earnings.  All information on your blogger band and your earnings can be viewed within your CMS Earnings Page. All information will be updated within 3 working days after the ad campaign is completed.

Payments are sent 30 days after you’ve reached the minimum amount of Php 1,500. Initial payment methods of Nuffnang are the following: Bank Transfer and Peso Check

We still don’t know if this new adverting scheme will be applicable in this blog, But at least I tried it 🙂 , I may not be successful with other Advertising Network but at least I tried.

You can see more information and from the following blogs covering Nuffnang story [ List from Jehzlau ]

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  • Parang mas malaki ang kita sa AdSense kesa dito. Sa tingin nyo?

    Filipinayzds last blog post..Don’t mess with Inang Kalikasan

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  • ayan meron an rin akog nuffnang code.. just wondering when will they start serving ads…

    another earning opp. for us bloggers.. 🙂

    • According to their FAQ they will check the stats of our blogs for 2 weeks then the will decide

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  • Hello! How long do I have to actually wait for ads to be served by Nuffnang? Up to now I’m getting the same banner as yours. Still no ads. I’m already thinking of removing it. Thanks.


    • This what I found in their site..

      After you have signed up and inserted the HTML code in your blog, give us two weeks to track on your blog stats. We will need information such as your blog’s target audience, traffic etc. to be able to present to advertisers. Being a Nuffnanger is not just about serving ads but building a community together with your fellow bloggers.

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  • Hi Dex,

    Thanks for linking me here. I’m gonna link you too.

  • link exchange

    • No Problem .. Let me know the details so that I could add it at my link page 🙂

  • Good luck sa atin.

  • I tried Nuffang Singapore before but have stopped using it as the payment is really pathetic. After running it for more then 6mths on my blog I only got about $2 for running 3 campaigns for it. As a result I have taken it down and am now doing direct ad sales instead which is more targeted and generates better revenue.

    • Well Thanks for the feedback. I will try it out here. And if it converts good it will retain but if not.. I will the space for other advertising opportunities. 🙂

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  • […] Testing nuffnang A New Advertising Network by Dexter Panganiban […]

  • I am now trying nuffnang, I hope we can earn more here, Like Jehzeel ahaha. Please add me to ur blogroll and please visit my blog so we can have exchange of thoughts. Here’s my blog http://www.semidoppel.com See Yah!!

    • I am about to make the links but I found out that your site is not working.. Let me know and confirm your site details before I can proceed

  • paid post ba ito kuya???hehe

  • Very intersting post. I really enjoyed reading it.

    • Is this spam? What do you think. I will just delete it if this is not reponded

      • paranoid or what

  • Sumali ka rin pala tol. Makisali na rin. 🙂

  • woooh, so you’re Dex 😛 yep my Malaysian friends earn from Nuffnang, that’s why I’m so looking forward to it 😛 cheers!

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  • Dex thanks sa link. Goodluck sa amin! Kayo mayayaman na kayo ni Jez hahaha. Sana kumita tayo!

    • No Problem bro… Naku ikaw nga mayaman eh he he.. kita ko flat mo sa blog ni mcbilly ha ha ha.. minsan invite mo kami dyan kapag nasa vacation ako 🙂

      Pero sana nga kumita tayo dito

      • Hahahaha di totoo yun. Inuwi na nga ni Mac sa Cebu yun! Oist paguwi mo reunion tayo parang eheads hahaha.

      • O sige .. reunion tayo pag uwi ko.. kita kits ulit tayo 🙂

  • Thank you sa link Dex, sana nga kumita tayo like the bloggers from malysia/singapore. Balita ko malakas sila kumita sa ad network na to 😀

    • OO nga.. kung sa Singapore at Malaysia maganda kita nila alam ko dito rin gaganda rin kita natin.. matalo kaya nila ang Adsense ? 🙂

  • Dex, thanks for the link!! 😀

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  • yay! nuffnang is here! hehe

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