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Can Hackers Hack Facebook on November 5 ?

Aug 13, 2011 by     9 Comments    Posted under: Uncategorized

Facebook-logoHackers, have threatened to hack Facebook on Nov. 5 as shown in different reports and YouTube videos, made by members of a hacking group called Anonymous. They Said that "Facebook has been selling information to government agencies and giving clandestine access to information security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world."

The plan to "kill Facebook" on Guy Fawkes Day. His mask has been become an unofficial symbol of a hacking group called Anonymous hacking group.

According to reports, Facebook is taking the news seriously.

However, multiple Twitter accounts associated with Anonymous, which recently hacked the website of the Syrian Ministry of Defense, say that only some members would attempt the hack, and the protest isn’t supported by the whole group.

Via Yahoo News & YouTube video

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  • Hi sir, nabasa ko na nabanned yung Ad sense nyo dati…

    tanong ko lang kung nakagawa kayo ulit ng account using other name like your relatives or family?


    • @zac,

      Ah nakagawa po ako ulit.. using my full name with my middle name.. Pero di ko na ito ginagamit sa mga website na ginamitan ko ng mga adsense dati 🙂 so gumawa ako ng mga bagong site ..

      • @Dexter Panganiban,
        salamat sa reply sir 🙂

      • @zac,
        No problem po.. glad to be of help 🙂

  • If they would successfully have Facebook, then that would make it more dangerous than us government spying on people.
    private information, username and passwords will be compromise and we don’t know what would hackers do.

    Well probably IF they have taken down Facebook by 11-5-11, Zuckerberg will eventually revive that site again. by this time, FB is already taking measure to prevent such thing from happening.

    • @Jeff,

      I agree that it could be dangerous for us using facebook. But for sure Facebook is now doing necessary precaution in order to prevent this things. This might also be connected to facebook hiring George Hotz, a celebrated hacker known as “GeoHot,” http://bit.ly/facebookgeorge

  • If they want to then they can hack FB.Since they hacked 70 law enforcement websites and took down the Syrian Ministry of Defense website this week alone. 🙂

    • @MabZziCLe,

      But facebook might be a different task and then what is next Google+ 🙂 ..

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