Jarir Bookstore Not just a bookstore

Here in Saudi Arabia one of the most popular store where a buyer can buy some techy things is from Jarir Bookstore they usually sell techy items like Zune and Laptops , camera, ds lite, tablet including PDA at a very reasonable price. Buyer just have to constantly visit their site for the updates.

When we talk about technology, there is only one place in Saudi Arabia that will come to a buyers mind and that is Jarir Bookstore , I am living  in Riyadh and here are the stores where you could find Jarir Bookstore in Riyadh Saudi Arabia with it’s store hours on a regular month. Store hours is changing on ramadan season.

Riyadh :
Plaza Showroom: Olaya Main Street, Riyadh
Showroom Timings: Sat-Thu 9am-2pm, 4pm-11pm; Fri 4pm-11pm
Tel. No. +966 1 462-6000, Fax No.+966 1 465-6363
Al Ahsa Showroom: Al Ahsa Street, Riyadh
Showroom Timings: Sat-Thu 9am-2pm, 4pm-11pm; Fri 4pm-11pm
Tel. No. +966 1 477-3140, Fax No.+966 1 478-0880
Al Hamra Showroom: Oqbah Bin Nafa Road, Exit 10, Riyadh
Showroom Timings: Sat-Thu 9am-12pm, 4pm-11pm; Fri 4pm-11pm
Tel. No. +966 1 278-8411, Fax No.+966 1 278-8422
North Ring Road Showroom: Exit 5, North Ring Road, Riyadh
Showroom Timings: Sat-Thu 9am-12pm, 4pm-11pm; Fri 4pm-11pm
Tel. No. +966 1 275-4710, Fax No.+966 1 275-4720
Al Hayat Showroom: Hayat Mall, King Abdul Aziz Road, Riyadh
Showroom Timings: Sat-Thu 9am-12pm, 4pm-11pm; Fri 4pm-11pm
Tel. No. +966 1 205-7010, Fax No.+966 1 205-7020

Most of the employee are Filipinos , that is why I love to chat and ask them about tech Opinions regarding their products. You can find the location maps here.

They have a wide brands being on gadgets from Toshiba, apple, HP, Samsung, and lots more. In fact almost all gadgets that I owe is from Jarir Bookstore.

Updates :

Ipad 2 is also available in Jarir Bookstore. There are also a wide range of gadget that could be seen in Jarir such as Motorola Xoom, Acer Tablet and many more. Be informed about the latest information about Jarir .

Dexter Panganiban https://techathand.net/about-2/

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 2
    kwi cas

    i just would like to ask the complete address of Jarir Bookstores specifically in Olaya Main Street, Al Hofuf, Al Madina and Al Tahliah. I just would lke to know if there are landmarks please let me know too. i have been browsing through their website but i still could not find their google coordinates. it would be of much help if you can provide the necessary info for my report for Apple. thank you in advance!

  2. 4

    hi sir, how to do or which no. to call if you want a free delivery of asus netbook in jarir, i saw in the latest brochure that there is something like this but i dont know how to do it. i dont wanna roam around the city na kasi. by the way, im here in jeddah.

  3. 6

    hi, can you please help me on how to apply an installment plan for Laptops. Is Jarrir Bookstore accredated too or i mean are they accepting? Because,how many times i chat with those online operator to avail installment but they dont help me about this.So, could you help me and what are some requirements to be pass.

    Our Bank account is still on process rigth now.
    What should i do to have a Laptop the soonest time ? Please Help me.Thank you

  4. 11

    im planning to buy printer in jarir, what would you recommend? one of my friend told me that some printers here their cartridge or ink is not available in philippines

  5. 13
    robin sorosoro

    i like to know what is the requirements to avail a installment laptop computer,pls e mail me [email protected] somebody told me that I need to have a ATM card here in ksa but how about us does’nt have atm that like to avail the installment laptop!

    • 14
      Dexter Panganiban

      @robin sorosoro,

      When I git my Macbook at Jarir Riyadh , They just ask my 3 last monthly salary thru Bank statement account. If this is not available you could ask your company to give you a salary certificate authenticated by Chamber of Commerce.

  6. 15
    Unboxing Samsung U5 Digital Audio Player | FreeDownload360.co.cc

    […] So would you spend Php 1,500 for this gadget. Anyway Google Adsense is keep on paying my gadgets   , I bought it from Jarir Bookstore. […]

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