Experience with Marimedia Ltd., A leading International Digital Advertisement Network (Network Review)

imageTo all our regular readers, I believe you have noticed that two months ago, we have implemented a new advertisement at this blog, it is actually a banner size 728 x 90 as well as 300 x 250 which is in the same place as my 300 x 250 Smowtion ads. Let me present our review for this digital advertisement network.

How did it Start ?

Well actually it all begun when somebody from Marimedia.net send me a note in my contact page as follows

My name is XXX, writing from Marimedia Ltd, an international advertising network.

We run 12 billion monthly impressions and partner with leading players such as Yahoo!, Facebook, Blinko, MSN, and Virgin Mobile.

We are interested in buying display advertising and would like to evaluate cooperation between our companies.

I was impressed with the monthly impression that they are covering, it only means that they are a big company that could handle a massive publishers. So the first thing that I do is to search in Google about “Marimedia Review” , only to find out some negative comments about the network. But those negative comments stayed with the network for only a week or two. Which I know is not enough to test a certain network.

So I take the risk and put their ads in my site, after a phone conversation with the affiliate manager calling from Israel.

Experience with Marimedia

After a month of having Marimedia at  this blog and on my other Philippine Sites with targeted keywords related to Philippines, I got a good an additional pending income in my calculation. Since this blog does not have Google AdSense ads, Marimedia is now compensating the lost that I have from Google AdSense Ban. There are days which Marimedia is giving us a really good revenue. Marimedia is perfect Google AdSense alternative. There are days that it can also beat the performance of Smowtion in this blog. The 728×90 Banner works best. And of course there are also days which it is not giving good amount in a day. Which is only normal to all networks.

Tech At Hand got the best results among other blogs where we tested this network.

You may ask your affiliate manager not to show any indecent ads in your blog if you want.Their affiliate managers are professional and easy to deal with.

Their affiliate managers are ready to answer any clarification that a publisher may have.


Pictures grab from their site

Facts from Marimedia Blog.

Interesting Facts about Marimedia:

  • Leading international performance display network
  • Over 12 billion page impressions per month
  • Over 5,000 publisher websites
  • Over 1,000 advertising partners
  • We speak over 12 languages in perfect fluency
  • Grew 500% during 2010, both in volume and in personnel
  • Development of in-house technologies
  • 2 internal business units: Sprintile and ProfitBuyer
  • Specializes in optimizing positive ROI campaigns

How to implement this in your blog ?

They will send tags that you need to install in your blog. This tags or html codes will be copied and paste to your blog. The earnings are being tracked through Right Media Exchange Site.

Marimedia Payment Cycle

They are paying on Net 45, but I got the payment 5 days early.

Affiliate Links?

There is no Affiliate links for me to earn for new publishers, but I am just doing this a gesture of saying thanks to Marimedia.

Are they Paying?

Every marketers are looking for information if a certain company pays, for information , I just received my first payment from them through PayPal. I don’t have to post the picture here but I could say that it is now being transferred to my bank in Philippines which is now going to pay my monthly amortization for a premium lot that we bought in Cavite in Antel Grand Village. BTW our second month with them is even better. Let us see the third month.

Check their blog here . In conclusion I recommend bloggers to use this network because they are paying and they are professionals.

You may contact Elad Francis ( My Affiliate Manager ) -  [email protected]

Dexter Panganiban https://techathand.net/about-2/

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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    Thanks! I haven’t heard of marimedia, but it seems they have made quite a good impression on you. Any insights by someone else?

    – John

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    Adrian Lungu

    Thank you for this great article. I am also looking for alternatives to adsense.
    I have many friends that recently had their account banned and i am afraid of also being banned.
    Can i ask you why you got banned from google? Your site seams fine, and i don’t see how you could have broken the policy.

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