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Learning Affiliate Marketing System

Feb 20, 2008 by     3 Comments    Posted under: Problogging - Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing SystemThe Title is clear I am still learning affiliate Marketing well in fact I don’t have that much of idea with regards to that subject, All I know is lot’s of blogger say that there is money in Affiliate Marketing. It is a topic that one should understand if one desires to become a Problogger

What is an Affiliate Marketing System?

See the picture courtesy of en.wikipedia.org , It explains that when an Advertiser wants to sell something they will got to an affiliate site and market their product their. Then the publisher will market the product in many ways such as Email, Blog, and other means of promoting the items. If somebody buys from the publisher, the publisher get his commission base on the total transaction.

Suggestion for Affiliate Marketing System Enthusiast

1. Find a hot market (health, golf, pets, anything that you can think about,…).
2. Find an affiliate product (register with a free affiliate program).
3. Promote your affiliate links.
4. Get your affiliate Commissions.

I am still in the process of understanding this things. I still believe that you can learn a lot from your readers. Do you have any experience or insights about this ? Let me know thru comments, Or you can share some great site where we can all study tips and techniques about the subject. In the future I will make some post as regarding this matter. Mistakes and Tips.

I recommend you to visit this [ Affiliate Marketing System ]

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  • Wow, that was easy money. Check this out.

  • Nella, Do you have any good experience with this care to share.?

  • Its where the bigboys play. Whitehat and blackhat skills are necessary. 🙂

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