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Blogging Tips Karlo wrote a great article on his blog about ” Blogging is Not Just About Making Posts, There’s Also the Marketing Side of it ” and at his last paragraph he asked the question :

Do you spend time in marketing your blog? If yes, how did your efforts affect the status of your blog? Share your thoughts on the topic by leaving a comment below!

I prefer to make a post regarding Karlo’s question because his post made me think on how I market my blog to others. Marketing your blog is something you should focus if you really want to be an authority in your niche. Well How do I really make Tech At Hand Dot Net Marketing ?

1) Commenting

I have seen good feedback in commenting to other blogs as what I have wrote before. But it is not just comment in a blog that should be given emphasize try not to forget putting your links and the URL Address in the commenting section. This is where fellow blogger can track you.

2) Joining Forum

Well I have joined different forums ( here and here ) but to tell you the truth I am very lazy with this one. Although I can see some visitors at my site referred buy forum site. Don’t forget to put your signature links targeting your website with proper anchor text.

3) Social Media Sites is having a good social media site exposure specially in Stumble Upon. I even site the experience I get when my site has been stumbled. Thanks guys whoever is stumbling my site. I also gain some visitor thru Mybloglog. and other social media site.

4) Yahoo Groups

When I join yahoo groups I met a lot of interesting people whom in turn become my regular reader and RSS Subscriber. They also become my so called network bloggers. Why? They link to me and I link to them also.

5) Joining SEO Contest

To tell you the truth I know that I have less chance in winning this SEO Contest. But I can proudly say that most of the time I am at 1st page of Google for those SEO Contest. If the participants could see you at the SERP definitely they could have an interest in your site. And if they found out that you have good content. You will gain another good Visitors or feed subscribers

6) Making Post at Group Blogs

Pinoyblogosphere is of great help to this site and my former site. Since the said site is being indexed by Google fast most of the time I can see some referral coming from those site.

7) The Traditional SEO

Just imagine how many people is searching in a day. If you could just get a percentage of those search that you could let them visit your site. There will always be a possible money on it. Check my SEO Category and I know you will have lot’s of helpful information to gather.

8) Directory

The last few days I have been submitting my blog in some Directories . I am hoping that those directory can also be a source of my visitors to this site. It would be great if you could get a Directory that does not require reciprocal links.

9) Entrecard

Entrecard has been a good site of visitors for this site but unfortunately is just giving a high bounce rate. based on stats I am having a 90% bounce rate. Which is too high. So now I seldom dropped cards and just wait for advertiser to have their site here. But when somebody advertise on this site for sure I am checking his post and if I like it he will be included in my Reader

10) Offline Marketing

Although I am also lazy about this I believe that joining a get together, or any gatherings specifically for blogger’s and other netrepreneur could give an additional exposure for your site.

Wheeewww.. That was a big list. So you may not wonder why I choose to make post on Karlo’s question. So what about you, What are you techniques in advertising.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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    Well actually viral marketing can increase your Technorati ranking alexa ranking and others but it will not increase your visitors..

    Now adays it is very dangerous to play with viral marketing since this could be a cause for google to penalize your blog

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