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Bayt.com Releases Middle East Internet Usage Survey

Jan 24, 2010 by     No Comments    Posted under: Saudi, Saudi Tech Stuff

Bayt.com one of the largest internet portal for Middle East Job Seekers have released their Middle East Internet Usage Survey and here are their Key Findings:.

  • 81% of total participants access the internet from home while 41% access it from work.
  • 45% of total participants do own a computer of their own today while 39% have a shared computer with family members.
  • 24% of total respondents consider themselves internet experts.
  • 49% of total respondents consider themselves “internet” knowledgeable but do sometimes require help.
  • Top reasons for total respondents to use the internet are: e-mailing friends at 83%, reading news at 78% and searching for job opportunities at 77%.
  • 87% of total respondents state the internet has replaced print for political news.
  • 90% of respondents state the internet had now become their main source for business news coverage.
  • 45% of total respondents are comfortable making them while 55% are not comfortable- to varying extents.
  • 70% of total respondents feel that virtual contact has sidelined personal social interaction.
  • 53% of total respondents feel there is too much information available on the internet.
  • 65% of total respondents would be interested in pursuing online education in the future.

It is also nice to know on how other think with regards to the internet. Middle east is also known place where lots of Filipino stay and work. So any comments ? This kind of information might be a source of strategy that an internet entrepreneur could use. There are only few known English site in Middle East compared to USA or any other part of the world since mainly they use Arabic language on their site.

Source : Bayt.com

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