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Barack Obama – John McCain Face Off

Sep 23, 2008 by     3 Comments    Posted under: SEO Tips

Nope I am not referring to the person itself but to their Website. I would like to make a study on what do their website standing as of to date. Here are the details and my observation of their site. My intention is to study on how this two site which are really funded is making into the SERP. And Who made better optimization John Mc Cain SEO or Barack Obama SEO.

Compete.com Results

Upon checking both candidate’s site and making some input in compete.com I found out this results :

Barrack Obama – John McCain Face Off Result

Barack Obama is Leading by almost half of it’s visitors over John Mc Cain Site.

Barrack Obama – John McCain Face Off Result

Same information from compete.com

Search Trends

Upon Checking the Search Trends using their names as Keywords it shows that Seach users are more interested with Barack Obama rather than John Mc Cain, maybe they know Mc Cain already and they have to search for Barack Obama’s Credentials as a leader.

Google Trends- John Mc Cain,Barack Obama_1222157034736

Visitor’s Analysis

As you can see Barack Obama Site is leading in terms of Unique Visitors which only means that Barack Obama’s Site is visited more than John Mc Cain Site. Which give Barack Obama more exposure in the New Media.

Keywords Used

Their name when searched in the Internet shows their Main Page although Barack Obama is redirecting to his Fund Raising Campaign. One thing they forget is to optimize their site’s keywords with their running mate. Since upon checking “ Joe Biden “  Keywords and “ Sarah Palin “ Keywords in the net via Google it only shows their Wikipedia Entry and not eithr of the two Presidential Candidate Site.

When I check for Sarah Palin keywords, John Mc Cain Site was not even seen in the first 100 Results even his site gives a Title of JohnMcCain.com – McCain-Palin 2008 while upon searching “Joe Biden “ the SERP shows Barack Obama site @ # 90 of the SERP using Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need .

I think they forget that their running mates supporter might also boost their campaign. And I suggest that those keywords should also reach main site of their partner candidate when search. Just my thoughts

PR of Site

Barack Obama Site has PR6 and John McCain Site has PR7 as per my Toolbar but still Barack Obama has higher visitors. So it only means that Unique Visitors does not depend only in PR.

Other Keyword Search

Just for fun I searched “ Best US President Candidate 2008 “ and here the results

Barrack Obama – John McCain Face Off Result

Where can I find Their Site

You can Check Barack Obama Blog and John Mc Cain Blog for additional information.

So I hope you like my mini Face Off of the two site 🙂

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