How To Clean Up Blogs and Become Google Friendly

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I have not posted any updates about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for quite some time. Actually I have been busy doing things in my offline world work. In addition I have not also updated this blog when it comes to new SEO strategy that resulted to a decrease of visits. Nowadays Google is really looking for the quality of post. There are only few post that are now ranking with a nonsense information and full of Keyword Hijacking. I must admit that I am guilty of keyword hijacking that made me lots of money about 2 years ago.

Now I am suffering with cleaning up this blog with unethical link building and keyword hijacking that I have done before. I am now manually removing links that I made in my blog network’s sidebar and footer. I have to remake my SEO strategy for this blog to keep ranking in some keywords.

I must say that site visits us now improving. I expect to have some changes in the coming months.

My Blog Updates Accomplishments

I have done the following cleanup to make my blog compliant as per Google Webmaster Guidelines.

  1. We identify the site that links toward our site, but are obviously SPAM site.
  2. After identification, I submitted a disavow request to Google to remove the relation of those blog with mine.
  3. I have remove Blogpost Feeds that I installed in some site directing to this blog.
  4. I have identified broken links in this site and rectify to be directed to a more relevant information source.
  5. I have removed some post, made to hijack keywords but does not give any value to readers. Then I have rebuild the sitemap.xml to remove links to those deleted blogpost. Then after that I have resubmitted the sitemap.xml at Google Webmaster Tools.
  6. I have tried to update some post with less than 150 words and make it more than 150 (ongoing)
  7. I have placed rel=”me” tag to some post linking to my other blogs.
  8. I have learned that Google is now looking for schema tags. So to make this site schema compatible I have installed Schema plugin. I have started updating some of my tech review and add schema tags on it.
  9. I am now using Yoast plugin for SEO in replacement to All in one SEO plugin.
  10. Since many says that site speed is also a factor for Google Algorithm signal, I have decided to go with Dreampress, and good to report that I am not having problem with site error.
  11. This site is now using Varnish, this is an add on to DreamPress.
  12. I have tried to cleanup my plugins and remove unnecessary plugin that is making my site slow.
  13. Last but not the list, I am now trying to update this blog as much as possible to keep you guys updated.

My Future Blog Updates Plan

  1. Continue to post relevant content on this blog and add up more information about the Saudi Tech Market.
  2. Continue to check old blog post and rectify for any broken links and obvious grammatical error.
  3. Continue to do ethical link building. I still believe that link building is not dead. I hope to get links from authority blogs.
  4. Continue to share information about SEO
  5. To learn about Humming Bird Google Algorithm, algorithm change of Google. I have seen in different blog post that it has been rolled for a month but was announce only this week.
  6. I plan to reduce CPC ads and focus more on direct advertisers. To have a better User experience. Analyze ads which are not performing well then remove.
  7. Apply new WordPress magazine theme, I believe that my theme needs a change. Any recommendation?
  8. Apply new logo.
  9. Continue to monitor site traffic movement through Google Analytics
  10. Monitor Google Webmaster Tools for change and errors.
  11. To apply more schema data.
  12. Continue to increase brand awareness through social media.

More Suggestions

All the things that I have done might be very difficult to business owners, Business owners might hire SEO professionals to do the job for them such as seo directory submission and other SEO techniques. Always remember to research first about the company before dealing with them. Don’t decide due to price only but through their professionalism and proof that the could deliver results. We will post update for any changes in our Site statistics and I hope to get a great results.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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