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While my social Media Network thru facebook is growing { My Facebook }, I have been receiving some basic question about SEO, Make Money Online, etc.. And sad to say that I don’t have any post before about basic information about SEO.  So let me first discuss about Basic SEO jargon and vocabulary words.

What is SEO ?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, it means doing all it takes to reach 1st page of every search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. Search Engine Optimization is aiming your site page or blog post to be seen in top of Google First Page for a certain Keywords.

What is Keywords ?

Keywords is a word that an ordinary people is typing in the Google or Yahoo search bar, while looking for an information in the internet. As an example if you look for “ Dexter Panganiban “ in Google it will show you my Personal Blog in the list as shown below.

Dexter Panganiban

How could SEO Help Me to Earn More Money Online ?

If your site is properly optimized and lots of people is reaching your site thru the search engine. There are big possibilities that those people will click some of the advertisers in your page or site.

Some advertisers pays by the number of times that your site is being loaded. They will calculate the total view and pay you per thousand views of their ads in your blog. It is no different from advertising in television, network giants earn from showing different shampoo, noodles etc. in television while blog show different site with affiliate links.

What is Anchor Text ?

When somebody links at your site or even you link at other site, the words that you are using to link means Anchor Text. As an example in this blog I use “ Tech At Hand Dot Net “ as my anchor text when I do link exchange. The link is redirecting to my homepage via the word “ Tech At Hand Dot Net “ which is called anchor text . So using “ here” , “Homepage “ is not a healthy practice in SEO. Because the anchor text serve as your site name in Google or Yahoo point of view.

What is Linking ?

The moment that you link any site from your website to other site, it is already called Linking. ( See more about linking }

What is Link Building ?

This is increasing your incoming links from other site to your website, this might be from Social Media Site , from your friends blog.

There is One way link which is the best link, and there are two way exhange links. I think One way is the best link that you could receive. You can check my post about link building in my personal blog. { What is a Link Builder }

No Follow Link ?

This will only means that you don’t want to have a link value to the site you are linking. Google stops following the link if it is no-follow. So in SEO if somebody links your site and it is with no-follow tag, it also means that it has no value in your link building effort. I made an old post about nofollow and you can check it here { No Follow Blogs }

I hope you learn something from this post.  Comments or suggestion , links are encouraged. 🙂

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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    Good article – many thanks for that. Not sure that the ‘nofollow’ link is as cut and dried as Google says though. If you research this with controlled tests you will find something is passed through in the way of domain authority, even though it has been no-followed.

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    Louie Sison

    I had a comment here before. I am writing now to introduce myself. My name is Louie, and I also have blog in the SEO, Earning Money Online and Blog Tips niche. It’s Your contents are very interesting too, and I will definitely recommend them to my readers.
    Your site ROCKS! Let me know if you’re interested in exchanging links.

    Best wishes,

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    Seo Services

    Good information about basics of SEO.

    SEO is all about following the rules of google and adapt the site to it so that when some one type a keyword your site appears in the first page of search results.

    So there are hell a lot of chances of increasing subscribers.

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