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One of the most important factor for SEO is the way you make your internal and external linking. When I say leaking as show in the title, I am referring to those links and tracking links that you are installing in your home page and inner page. Our aim is to be organize not like the cartoons at the top. BTW the cartoon is the property of Word Sell and I am participating in in his group writing contest.

Well how will I relate this cartoon Image in my post today regarding Home Page Linking ?

Most of us tend to aim things but we are not really checking of what will be the result. Like what is shown above it was the intention of the gasoline station to give free car wash instead of free gas car wash. Let me discuss it on how to properly do internal linking from the home page in the proper way.

Inner Page Leaking

I believe that not all inner page linking is good for your page, but there is an exemption. If you are only writing a 1 niche site, where you only write with Lap top, Gadget and nothing else.. Or you are only writing about SEO and nothing else. The Internal Page Leaking is not that important since each post is correlated with one another. But what if you are using a multi category blog or semi niche blog such as this blog. You have to take care your internal linking.

This are the location where-in you need to check if your internal linking does not help your page.

  1. Related Post – Are you sure that all related post inserting automatically in your post is really related to your post. If not it is better to do some fixings with your codes and make it a no follow links. If you don’t know how to do it, Politely ask the author of the plug in to provided you an option if you would like to make it a no-follow links.
  2. Your Top 10 Post – Like on this blog not all my top 10 post both for the day and for the whole length of the blog is correlated with each other. And I thank Andrew dela Serna for providing me a no-follow version of his plug-ins.
  3. Tags – Be sure that your Tag has also a no-follow tag.. since of course tags is not correlated with each other.
  4. Category – All category does not have the same contents so better do some fixings.
  5. HTML Tags that you insert for monitoring purpose would be better to have no follow on it. But you have to check with the provider of the matrix maybe they don’t allow it.
  6. Page Links – I have converted all my page links at the upper right corner to be an Html Links rather than PHP so that I could provide a No follow links. Well actually i don’t know how to put No follow links at Php Code found in the WordPress Codex. Maybe somebody could help me with this one.

Observations After Implementation of Link Fixing

  1. Increase of Cost Per Click from Adsense. Since I have a no-follow tags in all not related post and links. Adsense Crawler is having a better idea on what is the subject of my post and what kind of ads is he going to show up.
  2. Easier to have a higher position in Search Engine Ranking Page. I said higher and not highest.
  3. Increase readership ? Well this is still a question. But if you have a better visibility in the Search Pages an opportunity of having more constant visitors are high. Isn’t it ?


There is no harm in testing. Testing and experimentation gives us a new idea. Better lead the crawler on where he is going to penetrate. Remember they are automated and not like human who can think. They just follow commands. So Be a Plumber and Fix your Leaking Site.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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    Brad Shorr

    Hi Dexter, thanks for joining in the contest. You did a great job of relating my silly cartoon to an important SEO topic!

    Brad Shorr’s last blog post..How to Be a Better Sales Manager, Part 10 – Bring out the Best in Everyone

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