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How To Change WordPress Permalink

Jun 17, 2009 by     6 Comments    Posted under: SEO Tips, Wordpress

WordPress Permalink is one of the basic factors of SEO. ( Search Engine Optimization ) . And I will suggest changing the Permalink to a better form while still in the early stage.
Here is a Very brief instruction on how to change WordPress Permalink :

  1. Go To WordPress Dashboard and Look For Settings in the left portion of it.
  2. Then after pressing setting find Permalinks
  3. After Pressing Permalinks you will be lead to Permalink Settings
  4. Press the button for custom structure and put this : /%postname%/

This will remove your standard permalinks with ? and Numbers. You might be askign why you should change this, Well Google does not love thos url with ? and numbers.. This is upto now, so if you want to get visitors from search engine better change it now. Youmight be asking why this site does not habe the same, well this is because when I learn about this things it is already late and changing the structure might ruin some of my SEO Effort.

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  • thanks for the tips that you gave.

    hope you will visit my site

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  • Paano po ba ginagawa sa blogger ito? Di ko makita eh. Thanks.

  • @sir Dex,
    Nagtataka nga rin ako eh, ‘yong isa kung site [error 404] page not found nung pinalitan ko yung permalink pero hindi ko binago ang htaccess nya, nagkaroon nga ako ng problema kse nakalimutan ko yong password ko sa cpanel[nag e-mail pa ako sa’yo tungkol sa error], pero the next day gumana.
    Pero ‘yong isa ayaw magbago kung nde ko papalitan ‘yong htaccess nya, kaya hayun pinalitan ko at gumana naman, buti nalang may Dreamweaver ako… btw, parehas sila bago at kunti pa lang ang posting… 🙂
    Hindi kaya kasama sa mga update ng WP na ikaw mismo ang magpalit ng htaccess kung baguhin mo from ‘ugly to pretty’?

  • @sir Dex,
    I follow your instructions, but it’s not simple as it is used to be, what WordPress want me is to change my .htaccess via sftp because they don’t have any access on it(but, they give the script).

    btw, I did it already! 🙂

    • @Ariston | money-tise online,

      Hmm bago yun.. kasi ako I ussually change it as it is as per my instruction.. siguro may mga previous htaccess installation ka.. or ginagawa lang yang htaccess redirect kapag madami ng post.. para di mawala sa serp.. pero kung konti pa lang naman di gaanong apektado

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