SEO Tips : Optimizing Keyword in a Specific Region

I just want to share some good SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) post that was provided by fellow Filipino blogger Jehzlau. He pointed that it is better to optimized keyword in specific Google Data Centers where the keyword is being searched. It was indeed a good tip. He said that it is hard to be # 1 in for a specific keyword which has also other meaning in other countries.

it’s quite hard to reach the first page due to some global rivals racing to top for those 3-letter keywords. With the help of Google Trends, I found out that it’s not necessary to optimize one of my keywords in other countries, because that keyword brings great amount of traffic from one specific region only

Nice tip. I would try to do something like this. and in addition to his tips. We can find some Philippine based blog by typing ” Pinoy Blog ” or something related keywords in Google and start making friends with them :). Try to use it also for other countries.

You can also try for Filipino Groups in some Social Media Sites

Update 05 May 2011,

Please be informed that this could also be applicable if you will use it in local search engine optimization. We have been optimizing keywords related to a province in Philippines and the results are great. We have increased the visibility of the store through the internet searches and it increased awareness of the place. An Search Engine Optimizer could start from long tail keywords. Then target the specific keywords of optimizers choice.

A Landing page is also important when it comes to local search engine optimization.

Dexter Panganiban

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    Dean Graziosi

    Here whatever disclosed is key of success to promote site in a specific reason.


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    @ emil,

    Yup.. Marquez was indeed a skillful fighter he almost beat Pacquiao.

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    Youre welcome. Jezh did a great job at that post.. very impormative that is why i post it fast when I saw it.

    Dexter’s last blog post..Welcome Pacquiao And Marquez Fans

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    @ Jehzeel Laurente

    Oo nga medyo nakuha ko yung First Page.. Naku ikaw nga umaabot ng 400 ang visitors at a time.. BTW sinong Host mo?

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