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Comments are Redirecting to Feed Burner E-mail subscription

Feb 4, 2010 by     7 Comments    Posted under: Site Updates

Updates : The Problem has been resolved, I think you can now put your comments. The problem was due to the additional code that I put under the author box below. I will try how to manage it later on.

Thank to metalpigs.com for telling me about the problem. But did you know because of what happen I have gained about additional 50 new subscribers 🙂

Could anybody help me with this problem. ? My Comments are Redirecting to Feed Burner E-mail subscription. You can contact me thru dcpanganiban [at] gmail [dot] com . I did not remember doing anything except for adding links below my comment section.
So this answer why I have received comments for about 2 weeks.

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  • akala ko ako lang ang naka encounter nito.,… hehehehe yess fixed na… 😀

  • ooppsss! sorry double posting… 🙂

  • okey na? 😛

  • Just want to confirm that everything is ok within my commnet section.

  • Comment section is fixed

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