Google to Buy Twitch for $1B

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I’ve known Twitch for a pretty long time now mainly because it is one of the go-to video sharing sites for a wide variety of gamers. From DoTA to League of Legends, one can find a live stream going on. Twitch is so known in fact, that it has signed deals from the IT giants Microsoft and Sony.

In a more technical sense, Twitch or is a streaming video platform mostly focused on e-sports and gaming. Founded by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear, the well-known website gets 43 million viewers every month.

Google Talks

There’s a rumour circling the net that the biggest search engine giant, Google, is currently in talks to buy the video streaming site, although we can’t say for sure at which stage the deal is currently on. According to Variety, the deal is about to close. We cannot say for sure though.

Some speculated that the Twitch’s buying price is currently at $1 Billion.

My Say

I am so against this deal. Google is already the monopoly when it comes to search (its search engine) and general video sharing (YouTube). Being an avid gamer myself I don’t want the gaming industry to be tarnished by the monopolistic schemes of Google.

If Justin Kan and Emmett Shear really want to sell Twitch, then sell it to a company that knows what gaming is.

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