Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft Surface I haven’t thought about this ever in my life. A table used as a computer device! Microsoft will introduce  Microsoft Surface 2 touchscreen table computer in the coming years. Microsoft Surface 2 is a surface table computer that can be used by many people at the same time. It can be used in sharing pictures with your friends, in business, at home, and other places. Microsoft Surface 2 is an improved version of the first one. As an added feature, Microsoft Surface 2 will feature a second projector  that will allow the surface to layer one screen over another so a satellite overlay could be projected onto a city map or render of a completed building over a set of blueprints. This will also have definition cameras and infrared sensors that can interpret gestures so that you may not have to touch the table at all. The probable cost of this may reach $10,000.

Having this will really be fun at home because everybody will enjoy having to touch the pictures at the same time. It will also be easier when used in business.

For clearer view of the Microsoft Surface 2 you can watch the video below.

At the South by Southwest Festival in Texas, Joe Olsen, a Microsoft Surface application developer, said that  Microsoft Surface 2 touchscreen table computer, is just two to three years away. Everybody will surely wait this. I would love to have a chance just to touch this device. 🙂


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