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How to see who viewed your profile!! Application in Facebook is a SCAM

Apr 23, 2011 by     13 Comments    Posted under: How To, Tech Stuff, Tips and Tricks

I was surprised to received lots of invitation about the “How to see who viewed your profile!! “ , events in Facebook. Upon checking the script that they are asking to be copied, it will just give a random numbers about your views. Please be informed that it is not the real number but just a random numbers that the programmers has made.

I also found out that in order to verify your information , the program will ask you to finish a certain online quiz or online survey which will of course lead to tons of money to the account owner.They will earn in every completed survey.

So be very careful in accepting request and application in facebook.


The malicious script will run and will send request to your friend list.


I have also found out that they are using blogspot blogs and .info domains as their landing page.

So if you receive such request better to ignore and inform your friend that it is a SCAM.

Update :

The programmer uses the URL Shortener : http://x.co to hide it’s true identity.

It’s online visitors shows how viral is this SCAM :


You may try to remove it via http://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=applications
by Clicking the  X Button on the right of "Edit Settings" button.

More information about this news @ BatangasToday.com

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  • yeah this is definitely a scam and and it’s spamming all your online friends in FB.

  • Wow thank you, super helpful nito. Ang dami na kase sa FB, minsan nagtutwitter na lang ako to avoid those spams.

  • I wish more people realized all of the scams on Facebook. I see a new infected friend almost everyday.

  • This is nice 😉 Love it… Keep it up…

  • oh my goodness, i’ve been pestered by these events and notifications and random IMs on chat regarding that virus! i hope facebook sees through this because it has gone out of control!

    • @grace,
      I totally agree.. I hope facebook could have some program that could detect malicious script like this.

  • sabi ko na ba eh.. buti nalang pina-cancel ko ung sa prend ko habang naabutan ko syang sinasagutan ung online quiz…

    sana maraming makakabasa nito…

    • @metalpig,

      OO nga.. Pero ang galing ng style nila …

      • @Dex,
        malulupit na talaga ang mga online scammers ngaun… 🙂

      • @metalpig,

        Isang ganyang kagaling na viral sa facebook will give them Hundred thousands of dollars 🙂

      • @sir Dex,
        yep! and how can we emulate them, without the scamming stuff of course… 😛

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