How To easily list all the file name contained in the CD or diskette ?

Situation : I want to list all the Documents mentioned in the CD provided by the client. How will I do that?

Solution :

  1. Press Start and then Press Run , It will lead you to DOS Setup
  2. Type the location of the drive where you want to list all the documents filename that you want to write( You may use ” cd.. ” or ” e: ” in order to move to the folder in the next level )
  3. Then type ” dir >txt.txt “
  4. Then presto go to Windows and find the filename txt.txt in the location where you made the command and it will show a text file listing all the documents and folders inside.

Hope this helps you.

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    or you could use the asterisk wildcard for quick searching while using the command prompt or DOS prompt ( ex. *.txt) searches every filename with the .txt extension and lists them

    AHhh I remember the days of computing during the DOS era.. hrmmm good times 🙂

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