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Live Blogging at Dubai International Airport | Maxpot

Mar 18, 2010 by     15 Comments    Posted under: Travel

This is what I like from Blogging, I can do it anywhere I like as long as there is  internet connection. I am now live blogging at Dubai International Airport ( via Maxpot ). My flight is still at 9:45 PM, and there is a policy in Dubai International Airport that I could only do check in before 3 hours. Good that there is a food court beside Area C check in which is equipped with Free Wi-Fi.

I just hope that Riyadh International Airport be the same. I just finished eating in Chowking and I love the taste of the half chicken that I ate for only 29 UAE Dirhams.

By checking speedtest.net i got the following results of Internet connectivity in Dubai International Airport as follows .

The upload speed is amazing high.

Just a reminder if you are in airport , don’t ever open your Google Adsense , because there are lots of possible clicks on your ads in the airport and you don’t want Google to think that you came from this place. Just for your information Google is tracing all location where you open your account and marking it as your place.

So if you want to be tagged by Google of having an invalid click so no problem open your account anywhere, but if I were you I will not try.

Bloggers can earn by giving information in their blog, which is attain if the site is properly optimized for a certain keyword. That is why we can give information even we are at the airport and just waiting for our flight. Just don’t forget to charge your laptop before going to airport or else you have to look for a charging port.

I always do net surfing in airport and consume the spare time that I have. Good that Byblos Hotel allowed me to do a late check out at 4 giving me rest a shower before going to airport.

So do you also use the Free Wi-Fi in the airport to blog ? Tweet or update facebook 🙂

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  • It’s the same network inside and around the airport facilities and also no restrictions when in inside. The internet connection elsewhere in the country varies from mediocre to pathetic.

    Honestly, I find internet speeds (for business) as much better here in Manila.

    • @Archon Digital,

      Is it ?? Here in Saudi Arabia I may say that Internet connection is affordable and great as of today. But it depends on the type of subscription you have

  • Internet speeds outside the Dubai airport have very poor upload speeds not to mention the restricted internet access.

    When I was still in Dubai I had to create a SSL VPN tunnel to a server in the UK just to be able to access Skype and other websites.

    • @Archon Digital,

      But I have made this check at the food court outside the Airport.. Kasi they don’t want me to check in before 3 hours.. all seesm to be fine. But I may say that the connection inside the airport is faster.

  • ambilis ng posting ng images kapag ganyan…the download speed is poor…obviously capped ano?

    • @COOLBUSTER.net,

      oo nga.. sa tingin ko nga capped and connection. But over all connection is fine .

  • taas ah.. sarap tumambay dyan sa airport na yan! hehehe

    • @jehzlau,

      OO nga kaya kahit napaaga ako doon walang problema

    • @jehzlau, buti nagbalik ka! last nabasa ko nag retire ka sa blogging he-he-he

  • You can get lost in the Dubai airport, it’s like a tiny city.

    I was told Riyadh International Airport welcomes passengers with a big “Death to Drug Traffickers” sign.

    • @Archon Digital,

      Ha ha haa. kaka takot sa saudi no :)pero malaki talaga Dubai Airport

      • @Dexter | Techathand.net, Oo nga nakakatuwa lang kasi lahat ng airport na napuntahan ko todo promote sa tourism tapos dun daw sa Saudi yun ang unang bungad sayo, he-he-he.

      • @Archon Digital,
        oo kasi kahit sobrang higpit sa saudi may mga nakakalusot pa rin.

        I have heard na naguumpisa na rin silang mag promote ng tourism sa Jeddah Area.

        Last week nga may mga pumuntang mga tourist sa jeddah via cruise.. sabi sa News paper.

      • @Dexter | Techathand.net, mukhang madami nga ako nakikita na travel info about Jeddah saka Al Khobar. Parang promote nila for tourism and business.

        Baka naman pati Biogesic hinuhuli dyan?

      • @Archon Digital,

        Ha ha ha.. dati yun di na ngayon medyo naging maluwag na nga sila.. bawal ang bagoong alamang.. at mga canned goods na maipasok pinaghihinalaan nila ng masama. Dati nagbayad ako ng 50 riyals for trying to bring bagoong…

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