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How to Make Money Online

Mar 17, 2010 by     12 Comments    Posted under: Problogging - Make Money Online

I usually got e-mails and direct messages from my friends in facebook asking me how I make money online, or is it really true that I really Make Money Online, and my answer is “YES” I make money online by writing blog post in my blogs. But doing blog post alone will not make you an easy money , I am blogging for more than 3 years and my hobby in writing turns out to be an online income streams. I remember those blogs reviewing my site and telling that it is peppered with wrong grammar. Anyway until now there are still lots of grammar issue in my blogs but I believe it is now less since I make it a point that I proof read my blog post. So here are the income streams that i am referring to :

Google AdSense

Well impact this is the biggest money earner for most of the blogs. It is an advertising site where the publisher ( blogger ) is being paid whenever there are visitor clicks the ads on their site. It is easy to implement that is why many bloggers is using this one. Be sure not to click your own ads since Google is very clever to know where the clicks is coming from, So if the clicks comes from an IP address where you always open your Google Adsense Account to check your income , You maybe a candidate for banned account by Google. So be very careful. Cheating is not allowed in Making money Online business.


This is an advertising platform where ads is only shown in countries like US, Canada , UK and any other country where they have advertisers. If you are in Philippines you normally don’t see this ads. It is on activated in countries where they have advertisers.


This is the double line links that you are seeing in this blog and it is also paying the publishers if somebody clicks the advertisers links after somebody press the double lines.

Nuffnang Philippines

Publishers is being paid by showing nuffnang ads in their blog. Nuffnang pays per page views that the ads is shown by visitors. Which is popular in make money online jargons as CPM rates.

Blog Bank

This is another Philippines advertising company where the publishers is being paid in Philippines peso depending upon the number of times that their ads is being viewed by the visitors.

CPA Lead

This is being implemented in y other blogs , They will pay the publisher for every finished survey that the visitors will make. Usually the visitors will not immediately see the content not unless he completed the survey that will pop up.

Affiliate Links
Publishers is being paid a commission for selling something in their site.

Direct Advertisers

From time to time there are advertiser that are contacting me directly just to let me show their site links in this blogs.

All this transactions except Google AdSense is being paid thru payment transfer using PayPal.

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  • Among the list, adsense is still the best online income earner for me.

    By the way, I started a make money online blog. You might also want to visit it. 🙂


    • @Millionaire Acts,

      I will 🙂

  • tough, tough, tough… that’s all I can say when it comes to making money online. 🙂

    • @cj,
      I may say yes.. if not done properly and in a scientific way 🙂

    • @cj, it is really tough if you’re primary purpose is to make money but if blogging is your hobby, it’s actually a plus bonus. You blog with or without money anyway, if money will come, much better.

      • @RTFVerterra,
        100 % Agreed.. Bloggers aim should be to inform and not to earn money.. Since if earning online is the primary goal it will end to nothing and frustration

  • great list! i will definitely try all if not most of them, but as at this moment i’d just add a couple of them on my site.

    thanks! 🙂

    • @ariston| massive free traffic,

      Hope you will succeed in adding some of those list 🙂

  • Add ko lang, Chitika ads are shown only to those visitors coming from the search engines in countries like US and UK. Kung di galing sa search engine, kahit pa taga-US or UK sila, di mag-aapear ang ads sa kanila.

    • @ark,
      Salamat sa additional info.. kala ko makikita nila kahit di galing sa search 🙂

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