Error in WordPress 2.7

This is a Test post using Windows Live writer since when I try to make a post in my WordPress Dashboard I am encountering this error :

Wordpress 2.0.7 Error

The script that is calling /wp-includes/js/jquery.js?ver=1.2.6:11 is not responding properly and I can see some blogger_author in the custom field. Anyway I will try to search the net for a possible solution for this error. If this goes that will only mean that I need to stick first on posting via Windows Live Writer.

BTW anybody experiencing the same when they upgrade to WordPress 2.7 , this might be a plug-in compatibility problem.. Need to check out. If you find any error while browsing my site please let me know. Since this error might also affect others.

Other part of WordPress seems to be OK. It is only the New Post and New Page having this problem.

Any Suggestion ? Thanks in advance

Update : This wordpress forum thread help me but, I need to know the SEO Implication of this one. Will this affect the SEO Plug-in ?

A guy named Gary Walsh taught this one

I found the problem with my site was that on writing a NEW post (not editing an existing one) there was a script that was loading the post meta for EVERY post-id in the whole database. In my case about 30,000 records. This killed the system. What I did was prevent the load of post meta by modifying the wp-adminedit-form-advanced.php and removing the load of the custom fields meta.
$metadata = has_meta($post->ID);
This fixed the problem and it loads very quickly now. May not be elegant but then again neither is loading every post in the meta!

It works for me.. but I don’t know if it affect All in One SEO Pack Plug in, because before, When I use this plug in I can usually see a custom field after I save the file but when I removed the said php script mentioned above it shows that the custom field is disabled in the WordPress Dashboard.

Update :

I confirm that All in One SEO Pack Plug in still works since when I tried to edit this post it still works how ?

Check the title of this post and it says “ Error in WordPress 2.7 “ check the upper part of of your screen on the left side it says “ WordPress 2.7 Error in wp-includes/Js “ which is what i put in the All in One SEO Pack Plug in .

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    Wordpress @ RalfEngeldotCom

    This error was caused (in my case) by repeatedley uploading database import files to the new database. Somehow it created empty post metadata entries. You can delete these entries by running a sql query in PHP MyAdmin.
    DELETE FROM wp_postmeta WHERE post_id=0;
    Doing this you don’t have to edit your edit-form-advanced.php file.

    WordPress @ RalfEngeldotComs last blog post..WordPress MU trouble with Google Chrome

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