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Tech At Hand Dot Net in Year 2008

Dec 28, 2008 by     18 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Site Updates

Tech At Hand Dot Net in Year 2008

Year 2008 has been a great year for my Blogging career. Blogging has given me an extra income in addition to my day job. I am only doing part time blogging. But thanks to SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) I was able to do some post that increase my AdSense Earnings.

This year, the following post made to the top 10, in terms of Unique Visits, most of them are post I made for SEO and experimentation purpose.

  1. Free Psp Games Download
  2. July 18 2008 philippines will get 8.1 Earthquake
  3. Manny Pacquiao vs David diaz Fight
  4. Manny Pacquiao vs Oscar dela Hoya Fight
  5. How to make automatic table of contents
  6. Free nintendo ds nds games download
  7. Pbb teen edition plus housemates
  8. How to insert pdf files in your microsoft word document
  9. Manila ocean park location map and details
  10. Philippine civil engineering board exam results 2008

As you can see none of those top 10 post really talks about Technology and SEO but those post are the entrance to my lost blog in the World Wide Web, Those post made more friends online in the blogging world as well as offline. So what I am saying here, don’t be afraid to put post which is beyond your niche. For me I put it my Blogging Asides, which you can see at the side bar.

Based on my stats, most reader of this blog uses the following browser

  • Internet Explorer : 59.69%
  • Firefox : 36.23%
  • Safari : 1.97%
  • Opera : 1.72%
  • Chrome : 0.39%

Internet Explorer still tops the browser list in this blog. I also have about 10.97 % Returning Visitors based on Google Analytics for year 2008. Which is great it only means that those 10.97 percent are happy on what they see and they keep on coming back on this blog to see more.

And here is where my 2008 traffic comes from

  • 6.06% – Direct Traffic
  • 20.99% – Referring Sites
  • 72.92% – Search Engines

Direct Traffic means they know my site and they will just type those site at their url or just press their bookmarks.

And those 20.99% comes from other blogger who generously link to my blog, some of them is because of exchange links thru blogs and some of them is just a link from my blog without asking anything. Here is my top 10 referrers whom I want to thanks by giving out some links form this blog. { Thank You Po.. )

  1. completegamedepot.com
  2. miii.net
  3. macuha.com
  4. silkenhut.com
  5. yuwoncedric.com
  6. ceefive.i.ph
  7. selaplana.com
  8. jehzlau-concepts.com
  9. zapafly.com
  10. babyface.name

2008 traffic mostly came from this top 5 country

  • Philippines
  • United States
  • Norway
  • Saudi Arabia
  • India

and when it comes to subcontinents they came form here :

  • South-Eastern Asia
  • Northern America
  • Northern Europe
  • Western Asia
  • Southern Asia

Here are some of my recognitions this year that I want to share you guys but you can see more at my citation category.


I Won the Blog-Professional Category in Digital Filipino Web Awards

This are just few mentions about my site this year but I believe, this serves as my fuel to continue blogging.

So I think I have given you enough information on what did Tech At Hand Dot Net Achieved this 2008. So wait for my Earning Assessment for the year 2008 compared to 2007.

So I can also refer this one as my advertising page 🙂

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  • Hello Kuya Dex, Happy New Year wishing you a great year to come not only in blogging but to all aspect of life. God bless continue helping others.

  • Congratulations!

    Happy New Year! 🙂

    TechPinass last blog post..Spotted! : Bea Alonzo ‘s Cellphone

  • Hello Dexter,

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. God Bless you.


    Snow ^_^

    Snows last blog post..Happy New Year! ^_^

    • @Snow,
      Salamat Snow. Same To you a Happy New Year to you Also. and I speak Blessing to your coming NEw Year.. God Bless You

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  • Hi Dexter. I wish the new coming year is as much prosperous as this one for you and your family.

    I have a question about you stats though. how many of those visitors using Internet explorer, are using IE6?

    ps. I added your very nice blog to my tech directory http://forevergeeks.com/directory, which right now does not have much weight but hopefully in the feature will help you with some SEO juice.

    Nelsons last blog post..Change Product Key On Windows Server 2008

    • @Nelson,
      Thanks for the visit.. here is the further stats of Internet Explorer

      IE7.0 – 60.61%
      IE6.0 – 37.62%

      I just check the links and great that you added my site.. Thanks for that I will also add your at my links page ..

      • @Dexter Panganiban,

        bummer, it seems that a lot of people still use IE6.. oh well, the reason I asked you is because my blog theme is not compatible with IE6, and it will take me a huge amount of time to hack the css code to make it so..

        thanks for your info.. have yourself and your family a wonderful new year..

        Nelsons last blog post..Change Product Key On Windows Server 2008

      • @Nelson,

        I used to have the same problem as your before.. But what I did I change the theme :)…

        Happy New Year to You Also..

  • Thanks for sharing this. Yes it’s true that we should not be afraid to go beyond our niche. I have evidence now, and that is you. But just one question, how can you make thousands of posts since your blog is less than three years old?

    Lito | FilipinoVegetarianRecipe.Coms last blog post..Will Companies Be Concerned With Security on Job Cuts?

    • @Lito | FilipinoVegetarianRecipe.Com,

      Before I used to make 3 post a day when it is not really busy in the office. and I am really an active blogger.. now I have about 805 post already

      • @Dexter Panganiban, Thanks for your response. Only 805 post? I thought your site have at least 5k post because your alexa rank. Your blog is really a success. Is it ok to ask some tips? thanks.

        Lito | TheFilipinoEntrepreneur.Coms last blog post..Will Companies Be Concerned With Security on Job Cuts?

      • @Lito | TheFilipinoEntrepreneur.Com,

        No Problem.. I think we can both share a lot of tips with each other.. You may contact me thru my contact page and we cans share info 🙂

        God Bless po.. 5k.. wow siguro by that time.. makaka $100 per day na ako sa adsense 🙂

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