AdSense is Reducing The Quota to Get a PIN

There are now lots of reason for new blogger to be happy at first PayPal has open it’s door to Filipinos who want to earn money online and next is the recent news that has made regarding the issuance of PIN.

What is AdSense PIN ?

An Adsense Pin is an identifier for AdSense to verify that those Cheque that they will send will really go to you. So don’t be annoyed if Google just want to protect your earned money online.

Below is copy of AdSense announcement.

As part of our efforts to make sure that the AdSense account details publishers provide are valid and correct, we do a couple types of validation that you may be aware of: the Personal Identification Number (PIN) program and, in some locations, phone number verification. One or both of these verification methods is required in order to ensure the security and accuracy of your information so you can receive payments from AdSense.

In the past, our system would ask you to verify your information when your earnings reached $50. However, we’ve recently changed the threshold to $10. This lowered amount means many of you may see a PIN arrive in your mailbox soon, as well as a prompt in your account to verify your phone number. For more information about these holds, visit the links in the ‘Required Actions’ box on your Payment History page.

Well as for me I have not receive this PIN number before since when they implement this one. They have already verified my account.

And so for the New Blogger, I would suggest that you have to be patient in waiting till it reach the threshold of $100. For you to get those Cheque from AdSense. I wonder when will AdSense announced that they will lower the threshold to get a Cheque from $100 to $50.

By the Way, my AdSense optimization is working well, I believe if everything goes smoothly , I can reach $100 before the end of the month.. Whhooa.. :). I am doing AdSense Optimization not only in this blog but on other blog as well. Optimization is not focused on this blog.

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