Visitors : How do I Classify You ?

image006 Blog visitors are very important to a blog. That is why visitors should be treated well. Filipinos are know for being hospitable and that is also what I want to portray into this blog.

What are the Different Types of Visitors ?

1) Regular Visitors

A regular visitors are those visitor who is continually checking your site everyday looking for some fresh contents. Since this type of visitors believe that they can get good quality from your blog.

2) Referred Visitors

Those are visitors referred by other site who links to you

3) Social Media Visitors

Those are visitors referred by Social Media Site such as DIGG, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Delicious etc.

4) Search Engine Visitors

This visitor is the result of any search engine optimization that you are conducting in order to drive visitors to your site

5) Visitors via Ads

Those are the visitors that comes from you Ad campaign, such as Adwords or from Adbrite

6) Forum Visitors

Those are visitors that come from the links in the forums that you have made. While making conversation to othe forum members.

7) Entrecard Visitors

Those are visitors that come from Entrecard.

Below are some question which explain my opinion about those type of visitors.

Who Should be First Pleased ?

Among those listed type of visitors above, A question arise on whom should You pleased first ? Some may say Social Media Visitors, Some may say the other type of visitors. For me I think You should work out first for the Regular Visitors. Since those visitor are the one who will make your blog alive and kicking. They will be the one who will create conversation in the comments section in which one of an indication that a blog is growing.

It is not worth putting up a blog which don’t have any commenter. This is just like talking to the air where in nobody is listening. Al though regular visitors will seldom press any ads on your blog. Still they are the most important visitors in my blog. I believe that without them my site will not be a better place to stay in the web.

How to Retain Visitors and Make Them a Regular one ?

My own trick is to answer almost all your commenter’s question or opinion. You may agree or disagree, but it is very important for you to reply. To let them think that you value them match. Try to go to their Website and try to find in those category of a subject that you know and then comment.

You will see you feed counts will rise. I came from almost nothing and within a month from the day that this blog has been resurrected now it has 76 Feeds subscriber and about 8,000 unique visits this month. So I can conclude that I am on a right path.

Does my Regular Visitors annoyed with ADs ?

If they do, They can always add a Firefox plugin called adblock. This plugin aim to blocks all ads at this site let my Regular visitors enjoy the real objective in coming to my blog and that is to read my article.

To Whom Should be Your Next Focus ?

If you have already a number of regular visitors perhaps about 50. This information is available from your stat. I am using Google Analytics for that matter. I believe the next in line should be the Referred Visitors. This visitor are the result from a click to a link from other Website who is linked to yours.

Links comes usually comes from regular visitors who have blogs. They are trying to send some readers at your site tipping them on what you are writing. Stats also shows that those referred visitor are more likely to be converted to regular visitors of your blog.

To retain the referred visitors your blog should have a great navigation system in which your visitor can easily see what they want to see.

If am new to a site I usually look for the Top Post, to give me the idea on what kind of niche does a certain blog portray.

Actually when doing your next step to gain links from other blog to have a referred visitor, you are now also doing an optimization to attract visitor from Social Media Site. Since if your referred and regular visitor has an account in Social Media. the tendency is they are going to send your article if they found it great. And after they enter it on the system there is now a chance to get visitors from Social Media Sites.

The Next Should be Search Engine Visitors

This is the part wherein your SEO Skills will be tested. What is the use of a great or tasty food if nobody could find this. This is same thing with blog, If you want your blog to be noticed by those looking for some information. It is really very important that your post will be Search Engine Friendly to gain Search Engine Visitors.

Do we gain from Search engine Visitor?

Definitely Yes, Among all other visitors aside from Visitor via ads, The Search Engine Visitor has high percentage of clicking your ads, because usually those type of visitors are searching for information. And if they found that your ads is giving some good information. For sure they will click it.

With regards to this visitors you will have to prepare your blog for their arrival, such as doing some modification with our AdSense colors, location etc. if you are using AdSense. Some says that you have a very good convertion if you 6% of your visitors clicks your ads.

Then Visitors via ADS

I have read a lot regarding this, but I have not yet tried it. Meaning to say, I need to study how things goes with this one. Not all have succeed in playing with Adwords. But most of the players here are saying that when somebody tries to click and ads you make, there is also a great chance that your visitor will also click the ads that you have on your landing page. But the question on if you can retain them as reader, is I believe a question.

What About Forum & Entrecard Visitors

These visitors are likely to stay since those visitors knows you from the forum. Or they came to your site since they want to know more about you. Another possible RSS Subscriber.

You can see my comments about the Entrecards at my archives.

As a final note I do believe that without those visitors a blog could not have a higher rank or community visibility

Question to all of YOU who happen to completely read this post :

1) So what kind of visitors are you ?

2) Do you have any disagreement on any points that I mention ?

So why don’t you leave your comment and discuss about it. You may also want to subscribe via E-mail for more sharing from this blog.

Dexter Panganiban

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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    @ Noelvz,

    Nice to see you here. And I am glad that my SEO effort for this blog is working since once you find this blog via search engine.

    By the way I love entrecard it gaves me lots of unique visitors

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    @ MIko

    Thanks alam mo na yung kung bakit he he he.. And you are right talagang yung mga visitors coming from search engine mas kikita tayo doon..

    Tulong tayo let’s go SEO for some interesting keyword..

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    Hi Kuya Dex!

    Nice post. I agree that Search Engine visitors has a higher probability to click ads rather than regular or social media visitors.

    I’m thinking of SEOing lots of interesting keywords to drive more Search Engine traffic. More SE traffic = more clicks! 😀

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