A New Toy for My Kids and Family : Super Boggle

When I was a little boy, I love playing boggle. It was then a box with letters and a sand timer. We will usually shake it and then turn the sand timer upside down and it then marks the start of the game. Super Boggle is distributed by Hasbro.

What is A Boggle

Boggle is a Word game where in you have to hunt words from the mixed letters along the letter grid.

What is A New in Boggle

has make an evolution it is now electronic. Yesterday we bought the , my kids asked me to buy them one and since I like it we bought it. It is worth about US$ 22 at Hyper Panda Store ( Located in Saudi Arabia )at Best Buy.

Boggle Specification as follows :

25 letter Dice

1 Plastic Cube with double side letter grid

Built-in Electronic Timer

New Features of Super Boggle

It has now a built in timer which will keep on flashing while it is on the 3 minute game time and when the time is up it will flash continuously. My kids love this feature specially my youngest one. My kids is now also beginning to be Tech Savvy. The don’t want Obsolete game 🙂 .

But is is good that my kids are being familiarize to the World of Technology.

Just a suggestion , spend time with your family by playing any kind of game , It will help a lot in building good relationship with them. 🙂

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