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New Referral Scheme for Google Adsense

Jul 18, 2007 by     1 Comment    Posted under: Adsense

2 weeks ago I have seen that Yugatech.com has posted about Google AdSense Referrals expand globally and when I check out my Adsense today I just found out that it is now included in my list.

So it will be a new source of income, But the only not so good thing here is you will only be paid after your visitor clicks and sign up to what ever things that you referred to. You have an option to have up to 15 advertiser from a specific niche. So you are sure that what will appear in that spot is only those advertiser that you include in your list.

So let us see if this new referral scheme will be an additional income or only an additional load to my page.

I will report after 2 weeks.

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