Tablet PCs Vs Netbooks: The Difference

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About a decade ago, purchasing personal computers was a lot easier that it is today. Before, consumers only have to choose between a desktop version or a laptop one. Things have drastically changed nowadays because of the proliferation of countless state-of-the-art and compact computers out there. Two new additions in today’s technology-influenced society are tablet PCs and netbooks (smaller and lighter laptops). Those who are having a hard time with this matter are encouraged to read on.

Comparing features

Tablet PCs very lightweight (less than a kilo) compact computers that come with 3.5 to 10 inch screen and touch screen functions, wireless Internet connectivity, and other high-tech features. They do not come with inbuilt keyboards, but users can opt to connect an external one. In general, tablet PCs can run a myriad of applications such as web browsers, task managers, multimedia apps, word processors, and even games.


They can also be used as media players, personal digital assistants, and ebook readers. A majority of tablet PCs out on the market come with memory card slots that enable users to enjoy 64 GB (or more) and average battery life of 3 hours. However, there certain things that consumers can do a lot of things to improve the battery life of their gadgets.

On the other hand, netbooks are very portable compact computers that are lightweight themselves since their average weight is 1 to 1.5 kilos. What makes them different from tablet PCs is they come with keyboard functions. As such, they are perfect for people who constantly travel to perform business-related tasks. Like regular PCs, they have word processing programs, media players, and other essential software that can be handy for those who are always on the go. That being said, the said compact computers tend to be more useful than tablet PCs.

Which one is the better buy?

All in all, it can be said that both tablet PCs and netbooks are useful devices that can be utilized to perform tasks such as sending emails, drafting presentations, and uploading photographs, among others. However, potential buyers should consider if they will use them for casual tasks or for serious work-related assignments.

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