Lesson Learn from Marhgil Macuha SEO Contest

It was so sad that every plan and effort that I made for the mentioned contest was ruined because of the incident that happen at my site. Garry gave his game plan and I would like to share mine. That made me in constant First Page & Second Page from of Google and Yahoo as promised on my previous post.

The Blogroll Technique

Since I have other blogs hosted from WordPress.com and Blogspot I was able to put a Blog Roll under with name Marhgil Macuha that is directed to my post. I was also able to put links at my Forum Signature links.

The Feeds Technique

I have included a link to my post in all my feeds.

The Posting Technique

I was able to make different post from my other blog to boost the ranking of my entry post to the contest.

Every time that I see my rank is going down, I will try to make a post in my other blogs just to make an additional juice to my entry.

My Final Plan in which was not implemented : The Blog Name Technique and Posting

To change my blog name from ” Technology At Hand ” to ” Marhgil Macuha “. I did not make it from the beginning since I am afraid that it will make problem on other Keyword that I am optimizing in this blog. I have seen that almost all in the Front Page is using this technique. But I plan to be my last card. But is does not came into reality.

My other plan is to make post in all my blogs at an interval of 30 minutes prior to the project conclusion. But unfortunately it was not done.

Lesson learn from my opponent

I have seen that the Search Engine gives additional juice to the one who blog it first, Although Jehzlau was not the winner, He was there in the first page constantly. No wonder why those news breaker like Tech Crunch is always on top of the SERP either Google or Yahoo.

Using the Social Media Site to boost the Google or Yahoo SERP ( Search Engine Ranking Page )

Congratulation to the Winner

Well I can only say congratulation to as announced from Marhgil Site :

Google.com: Garry Baybayan with his entry: Marhgil Macuha

Yahoo.com: Eli with his entry: Who Is Marhgil Macuha


It is fun to join such kind of contest. First you will learn a lot. And you will be able to meet new friends. I must admit that Marhgil contest gives way so that this site will be known to other Pinoy bloggers. I am a winner in a sense that I have gained some readers and feed subscriber from this contest. I wonder if Marhgil will post all the entries as a way of showing his thanks to all who joined? Because I want to make a calculation on how many did this two winner beat.

And finally thanks to Eam for making me smile even after what happen to my site.

Dexter Panganiban https://techathand.net/about-2/

Dexter is a person who loves technology,new gadget, SEO, Social Media and Christianity. Follow him at twitter via @techathand and add him @ Google+ and contact us at [email protected]

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  1. 12

    @ Ordinacin

    Our feeds has an option to have a links that can direct to any post or any blogs that we may desire.

    we can easily use this one if a blogger is using a blogspot but wp user they need a plug in

  2. 16

    @ Jezhlau,

    Sorry for that.. Corrected na po..

    @ Mcbilly,

    I believe we are a winner.. of new friends and new techniques as per our experience but.. without money.. 🙁

    Anyway I will not be able to get this price even I won since I am still on alimited account

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