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Philippine Technology Blogger as per Google Search Engine

Jun 25, 2007 by     5 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, Gooogle, SEO Tips

I have been trying almost everyday searching my blogs keyword at but always I can not see my blog at Page 1 or 2, Until today when searching some keywords it is surprising to see my site show up at First Page. an I think this is some reason for a blogger to be happy. Below are example of keywords as of today.

  • “Philippine Technology Blogger” I am next to Abe Olandares of Yugatech.com ( A prominent Pinoy ProBlogger )
  • “Technology at Hand” – I am also at the first page
  • “Microsoft Excel Hot Keys” – I am also at the first page.

What is the importance on Ranking high SERP ?

It is very important for blogs to be noticed by the Search Engine, It is because we all know that among millions of Internet User, Most of them rely on Search Engine Result in finding what they need. And if your site will be having a good relationship with those Search Engine It will surely drive more traffic for your site.

What will be my next step ?

My next step will be to write good post which will really benefit my readers. I think I have succeed with my objective this month, To increase SERP and Page Rank ( We still have to wait for sometime for the next updates of PR ) . You may check my experiments at my archived labeled as Experiments.

I also want to be known with the following keywords :

” Technology Blogger “, ” Pinoy Technology Blogger “, ” Philippine Blogs ” , ” Technology at Hand ” , ” Philippine Tech Blogs “

What is my current Stat ?

Alexa – 468,758 ( It is still very, very far far )

Technorati – 10,963 ( A good Rank )

Ratified.org – 35 ( A good Rank )

Actually because of my membership with ratified.org, My blog was mention by Janette at her Philippine Internet Review Blog as one of the Philippine Blogs that was made this year.

A challenge for my reader

And so I would like to thank my readers as well as my would be readers for visiting and roaming around this blog. It will be appreciated if you will review this blog for improvement. You may say whatever you want. It is your blog. In exchange I will also review your blog. and for your information this is a PR 3 Blog. and Please use one of the above mentioned keywords.

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  • Yap.. actual I started blogging last December.. and facinated with what is blogging. I started my blog at wordpress.com but when I came to realize the potential of extra Income. i move to blogspot. and maybe after my next vacation next year I will get my own domain and hostinng. Thanks for the Visit Sexy Mom.

  • omg! you mean you have been blogging only this year? and i thought you have been doing so for quite a while already!

    congrats for the good ranking and all.

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