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Microsoft Excel Hot Keys Using Numbers ( CTRL Keys )

Jun 25, 2007 by     2 Comments    Posted under: microsoft excel

Commonly Used Alt Keys (Shortcut) in Microsoft ExcelShortcut codes in excel are really helpful if you are a keyboard user in Microsoft Excel. Hope this post on how to use the CTRL+Numbers keys in Microsoft Excel will help you to be more productive in your works.

If you love my earlier post about Hot keys for Excel and the Different Shortcut using different Characters you will also love the Ctrl Hot Keys using numbers. This Hot keys helps me a lot on my work. And I know it will also help you a lot.

CTRL+1 » Displays the Format Cells dialog box.
CTRL+2 » Applies or removes bold formatting
CTRL+3 » Applies or removes italic formatting.
CTRL+4 » Applies or removes underlining.
CTRL+5 » Applies or removes strikethrough
CTRL+6 » Alternates between hiding objects, displaying objects, and displaying placeholders for objects.
CTRL+7 » Displays or hides the Standard toolbar.
CTRL+8 » Displays or hides the outline symbols.
CTRL+9 » Hides the selected rows.
CTRL+0 » Hide the selected Columns

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Note : This Keys will work if you will use the number at the alpha Numeric Keypad ( above the letter ) and not in the Numeric Keypad.

You may also see my earlier post about Microsoft Excel CTRL Keys Shortcuts

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