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Google Sheets Replacing My Microsoft Excel Use

Feb 13, 2020 by     No Comments    Posted under: Random Post
Google Sheets Replacing My Microsoft Excel Use

In this days that most of people are using Tablets and prefers mobility, people are looking ways to improve their workflow. I myself is transitioning from using Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets . I can say that it is a Microsoft Excel + Microsoft Access in One. I can make calculations as well as database reference through the query function.

The Google Form which collects information from any people to collaborate is also a great tool to get information to a large number of people. Another thing is it is free to use as long as you have Gmail.

Interlinking different Google Sheets is also possible. Kudos to Google Sheets.

I also love the Pivot function which is easier to set up than the Microsoft Excel Pivot Table.

I am excited to know the future updates of this platform. By the way a rarely use add-ons. I prefer doing it by my own.

Next thing to do is to learn programming within this platform. Just reminding myself.

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