5 Reasons to Consider Web RTC for Your Business

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No matter what size business you own or operate, communications plays a vital role in your day to day operations. The good thing is that we are no longer reliant merely on the telephone or the USPS, but we now have Internet connectivity at our disposal which makes it possible to communicate instantly in real time. That’s what Web RTC (Real Time Communications) is all about, and why you might be interested in learning what it has to offer your business, no matter how large or small. Let’s take a look at five of the top reasons for using Web RTC.

1. Cost-Effective Communications

If you think about it, everything comes at a price and so it is with communications. Even Skype for business communications charges either a flat rate or assesses a per-call fee, and if you make thousands of phone calls a month, that could be quite costly. With a web-based communication system that is included in the price of a package deal, there are no per-call fees attached. Phone calls, then, would be part of the VoIP end of the package and you wouldn’t have to pay for an expensive 800 number either!

2. No ‘Heavy’ Software or Mainframes to Manage on Site

When you contract with a Web RTC provider, you no longer need heavy mainframes or software on site. Everything is handled through the Cloud and so you are getting both SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). All communications are cross-platform which can be seen (or heard) on any machine of any size using any OS and browser.

3. Managed by Off Site IT Professionals

With Web RTC you no longer need to hire a team of IT professionals in-house. All that can be handled for you by a team like Masergy. You are guaranteed uptime which you wouldn’t be if your central communications were on-site because any little glitch would need to be ‘fixed’ on site. Think of a company like Masergy as having multiple automobiles in your garage. If one doesn’t start, you simply jump out and get behind the wheel of the next. With a server-side communications platform like Web RTC, all communications can be re-routed instantly to another server if the one you are currently on experiences issues.

4. State-of-the-Art Security

Web RTC, being handled in the Cloud, means that you don’t have to invest in heavy security either. All that is handled through the service (software or platform) and is kept updated continually over time. Using state-of-the-art machine intelligence, any threat is immediately detected and isolated so that computers on the network are not affected. Imagine having your own security guard that comes along with the building you are housed in. That’s what Web RTC provides for your comms system.

5. Web-Based Multi-Platform Communications in Real Time

As mentioned above, Web RTC offers video, audio and streaming content in real time and the best part is that you will not need to worry about who can see or hear what! Web RTC is a Web based multi-platform service which can be accessed on anything from a cell phone to a laptop or PC and everything in between on any operating system there is.

Always keep in mind that today’s consumers and businesses want instant gratification. If they were willing to wait for answers or information, they’d mail you a document via snail mail. But we live in the 21st Century where information can be transmitted around the globe in nanoseconds, so why keep them waiting? Safe, secure and cost effective, that’s what you need to look at. Web RTC is the best of all worlds when it comes to business communications. That’s why you need it!

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