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SEO Tips : Understanding Links Strategy

May 12, 2008 by     21 Comments    Posted under: Blogging Tips, SEO Tips


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I would like to share some suggestions on how a new blogger or even an old blogger can increase the possibility of being linked by other site. And this might also be a possibility why I got recently upgraded to PR4 by Google.

  • I have been joining different Group Writing Contest such as Fixing Leaking of Your Site , Graphic Design , Daily Blog Tips Project, RSS Awareness day, Digg Experience and others. Whenever the site announced those who joined their Group Writing Projects, They will surely link back to you. Choose site which does not look like a spam site. Remember Google also penalize links to bad site.
  • All this writing project pertains to the subject of this blog. I am not just joining any writing project just to have back links. So when Google tries to visit those links and back links that I am receiving Google can tell that I am not just spamming.
  • By Increasing comment frequency to other blogs, they will surely visit your blog and if they are interested the will give you a link love. I don’t see any problem putting your best post at the links provided when signing, although some might find it spamming. Be sure it relates to the blog post that you are commenting.
  • Joining Groups and forums also helps you gain back links.
  • Advertise your blog for free

Here are other linking strategy that I made for this blog which I would like to share to all of you.

  • Make no-follow attribute to site which you think doesn’t need your link love.
  • Make your homepage to have all no-follow, Try to search for a plug-in for this one.
  • I have also made some tips regarding better way of linking to your old post.
  • Make “me” rel Tag of all your social book marking site, See my footer to know what I mean.
  • Doing SEO without sacrificing the authority of the site, So the homepage will not show any topics that does relate to my niche.

I just hope that those above information will help you increase your back links and later increase your PR, As of today I have 1014 Blog reactions as shown in this might not be very high but still good if you find it good don’t forget to sign in my feeds either thru RSS Feed reader or by e-mail 🙂

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  • […] SEO Tips : Understanding Links Strategy […]

  • Just dropping by. I wonder why there’s no adsense in your site…

    • @Nonoy,

      Na ban ako sa adsense about a year ago. Kaya yung ibang site ko na lang ang merong adsense. kasi i managed to get a new one

  • […] SEO Tips : Understanding Links Strategy […]

  • Writing contests, guest blogging, article marketing are leading in link building strategy. Also, you can comment to relevant blogs to get some link love 🙂

    • @Chris Cornell, Agreed and better o get do follow blogs

  • Acquiring backlinks is really the hardest part of the job on SEO. Anyway, other than those that you have mentioned I find that the best way to acquire backlink are through submission of articles on directories like ezine.

    • @Fibonacci,

      I believe it is right. This post has been made more than a year and I think it needs updates 🙂

  • @ Lionel,

    Group writing contest strategy is really nice and viral.

  • Nice tips! Especially the writing contests. Must look into those. Thanks.

  • @ Barbara Ling

    Thanks for the visit.. Whooa I stop at your blog and look for lots of resources that you have there.. Thanks for the visit

    Dexters last blog post..Let Us Know Your Blogging Platforms

  • Very useful tips. I generally gain high SEO by planning in advance a series of articles that focus upon the keyword I want to score. However, linking can be very valuable – I just added Lucia Linky Love to my PR 5 site as well.

    Barbara Lings last blog post..Time Sensitive – Make Money with Indiana Jones

  • @ Fitz

    Well actually you are right there are also other user of Yahoo , AOL, MSN and others. Searches really come from place which are not using English as their first language. Like here in Saudi, Wrong spelling is usual. As long as it has a right message spelling is nothing.

  • Thanks Dex. Hey, I just realized something. I know you and some other bloggers have optimized on the misspellings of Google. I wonder, why would someone search for Google on Google? Haha.

    Anyway, I guess a lot of people use other search engines that’s why it’s highly searched. Am I right? 😀

    Fitzs last blog post..Do You Need To Be A Genius To Be Rich?

  • @ Fitz,

    To tell you the truth I have not made any study of this , I will try to get into this and check it out.

    Dexters last blog post..iPhone In Philippines, Will Consumers get It ?

  • Hi Dex. I’d like to ask what’s the effect of writing target=”_blank” in terms of SEO and linking?


    Fitzs last blog post..Do You Need To Be A Genius To Be Rich?

  • Thanks but all those group writing contest is finished

    Dexters last blog post..iPhone In Philippines, Will Consumers get It ?

  • Nice tips bro. I’ll try that Group Writing Contest.

  • its difficult to get PR4 from google..
    maybe use your trick will help me to get PR from google..
    thanks for the tips.

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