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Adsense and SEO Tips

Lazada Philippines
May 29, 2007 by     29 Comments    Posted under: Adsense, Tips and Tricks

Updated : March 27, 2010

Adsense Tips

  1. Don’t forget to to your site.
  2. Content is still the king of Adsense. advertiser will be based on the keywords that are available at your site.
  3. Use the keywords that are likely to be searchable in your blog : ( You may check this keywords tool )
  4. Blog Niche ( Blogs with particular topics an example is Philippine Election 2007 ( niche is Philippine Election ).
  5. Mixed or blend the colors of your Ads into the colors of your blog. ( Be careful this might post danger with your adsense)
  6. If it is possible do not use borders in you Google Adsense code.
  7. The best location of search box is on the upper right corner
  8. Monetize your blog if you have about 100 or more visitors a day
  9. Don’t Monetize those blogs that there is no visitors since as per my experience whenever I put the code in those site without good amount of Visitors the adsense other blogs is not performing well. ( This is what Adsense Called Smart Pricing )
  10. Do not click your own ads or get banned. ( very important )
  11. Do not bring your Google Adsense in area where there are danger of clicks. Google Adsense might banned you for this
  12. Put your adsense code in an area wherein if somebody landed on your page they can easily see them.
  13. Use Firepox as your browser, but you can also use other if you prefer.
  14. Predict the keywords that your possible reader will look in the future. For example in my Philippine Election 2007 site I have predicted that after the election date, most of Filipinos will look for ” Election Result ” and therefore the next post that I made mentioned about the ” election result “, “proclaimed Winner” etc.
  15. Study your adsense performance by using Google Ad Channels, this will give you information on what adsense location giving good conversion to make more money.
  16. If your blogs is having a very high traffic I would suggest you have to use picture ads but if not you better use text only and not combine. Based on my experiment text gives a higher ( Click Through Rate ) than Pictures.
  17. Put some Link Text at the upper portion of your blog under the header pictures. ( I am still experimenting on this It makes good result. )
  18. Stop MFA at your site! Although it has been reported that adsense is stopping this MFA ( Made for Adsense ) Site.
  19. I turned off my onsite advertiser sign up . Some says that it might increase your CTR ( No hard evidence but it is worth trying ) Not Applicable
  20. Hold your payment until it reaches your desired amount then use the DHL service in receiving the cheque. ( You may now use Western Union to make it easy )
  21. Keep on reading my blog entry for adsense
  22. Last but not the list subscribe to my RSS and Email.. ( nice huh )

SEO Tips

I may only speak for those using blogspot free blog services because this is what I am using.

  1. Always put tags on your post
  2. I use Site Search Tags in my post with format as follows format as follows ( Applicable to blogspot only ) . As per my experience
    • <a href=http://techathand.blogspot.com/search?q=Tips+and+Tricks rel=”tag”>Tips and Tricks</a>
  3. I am putting Google Analytics code in my blog to monitor the areas in which I need to improve my blog
  4. Comment !!! comment !!!! to any site that relates to yours. The tendency is the visitor of the site might visit your site and stay if they find your site interesting.
  5. Participate in contest to have link from other site ( like Jannete Toral’s Contest & Other Contest)
  6. Do some speed linking to others site, Tipping your visitor about the good information you have seen while browsing.
  7. Look for a good post in the net and blog about it. The tendency, a possible link back will be done.
  8. Avoid broken link
  9. Join the Social website like Mybloglog & blogcatalog.com to increase visibility of your site.
  10. Go to the known site among your niche who is using Mybloglog & blogcatalog.com then try to contact their recent visitor and inform them about your blog and add them as your contact. Go get social media site
  11. Join site that allows you to can post and you direct your readers to your site. an example is pinoyblogosphere.com , pinoyblog.com , promote your site ( If you have others let me know thru comments )
  12. Join Technorati.com in order for you to monitor who’s linking to you and don’t forget to fave me.
  13. If possible make a contest that will direct some visitor to your site. It is recommended to make contest after your site reach a sufficient number of post so that any visitor will have lots of option to go at your site. It is useless to drive traffic on your site if you don’t have sufficient amount of post.

Other Tips

  1. I use Blogging authoring tool which makes my life easier.
  2. I use Photobucket to host my pictures of this blog and my other blogs. ( I am now using flickr)
  3. Some says that pictures for your post gives more attraction to the readers. You may see how Techcrunch & Doshdosh makes the post.

Hope you like this post. Why don’t you digg it and share to others.

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29 Comments + Add Comment

  • Sir dexter, salamat sa mga tips about adsense, so far as a beginner nasa $5 per day palang po ako kahit zero page rank ang mga blog ko, salamat po.


  • Wow! that’s a lot! Thanks a lot for sharing these to all of us. Segway po bigla dun sa last part ah, hehe.


    Dexter Panganiban Reply:

    @Popchic, matagal na nga po ito.. na remind ako na kailangan na iupdate ito.. Thanks for the comment 🙂


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  • You have a good insight here. All tips are great especially in Adsense where it is so hard to gain income especially if the blog is just starting.


    Dexter Panganiban Reply:

    @Christian Esperar, Thanks glad to be of help 🙂


  • You have here a good Adsense and SEO tips but hearing about what had happened with your account is indeed a great loss. Anyway, I think that this tip is not only applicable to Adsense but also on some other affiliate networks such as the Amazon.


    Dexter Panganiban Reply:

    @Fibonacci, Good to know that you think it is good. And hope it will work t you also,


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  • Your welcome Ben


  • Some good sometimes missed information here. Your tip to search the keywords has really payed off for me.


  • Thanks for all that info, I faved you and dugg it :)..


  • Your welcome sexy mom.. and Fingertalks.. At least my post becomes worth because there are two blogger already comments.. Thanks again..


  • hi dexter, thanks for visiting and commenting my bloggie.

    Thanks, too, for these tips on Adsense… great tips!


  • very informative, esp for tecchie challenged people like me, and thanks for sharing


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