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Something Wrong with topblogs.com.ph ?

Jul 4, 2010 by     11 Comments    Posted under: Daily Stuff

I just noticed that there are swings in topblogs.com.ph algorithm today, I just don’t know why, Today i have seen different blogs topping the Main Page.

Normally Selaplana.com take the lead as well as Daily Contributor & Yugatech but suddenly there has been change. So is this an algorithm change in topblogs.com.ph part.? Or those sites has  been removed from the list ?

Just need an explanation for an overnight change. But Good to see that my site is still there even I am experiencing some SEO Problem. But slowly it is coming back to the serp, but being shown as an indented result.

So do you know any answer for this ?

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  • Does their ratings accurate? so weird… I saw many blogs very tough and mine was just too weak.. how could this happen that I race up to the top for just a glimpse?

  • Mine got on #14, No SEO yet for my blog is so fresh.. lol.. hope I can make it on top 10 like yours..

  • It might be because of the FIFA world cup. They might also experience some SEO problems.

    • @Vlad,

      It might be, but I think it is a system glitch, from topblogs.com.ph

  • selaplana and yugatech are still there (tech category), #1 and #2 spot respectively — and https://www.techathand.net on #11 😛

    and before my old blog at http://metalpig.wordpress.com is on #23 but now it’s nowhere to be found… 🙁

    • @metalpig,

      This blog is experiencing an seo problem for almost a month now. But good Yahoo traffic + Bing Traffic + Referral Traffic still bring in some cash

      • @sir Dex,
        It’s good to know that the SEO problem is already solved. But how about the organic traffic from Google, are they still find your site if they search some of your keywords?

      • @metalpig,

        I am stil having some problem with google, And I think this is still due to the numerous broken links caused by translation plugin.. I have made a robots.txt restriction already.

        But I am still waiting for the result. I have also noticed that Old old old keywords are now ranking back to it’s position but those keywords that made 1 year ago is not yet coming back including my present post..

  • @sir Dex,
    I also noticed that, maybe because alot of people are digging into sports, specifically the much awaited 2010 football cup (FIFA) in South Africa! 🙂

    • @metalpig,

      Ha ha ha maybe , or maybe a glitch in their system. i have noticed that after I blog about it, It suddenly change..

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