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Do You Want To Be Included In My Custom Search Engine

Feb 25, 2008 by     6 Comments    Posted under: Experiment

Google Custom Search Engine I am updating my Google Custom Search Engine and I would like to share the possible searches of almost 300 Average Unique visitors a day that this blog might have into my readers.

What will be your benefits ?

You will have your chance to be visited by My readers that is looking for some information in the web thru my customized search engine. My customized search engine will only search for the listed blogs that I will include . If you like the idea just continue to read at my instructions below

What is the Instruction ?

So how will I include your home page  in my Google Coop Custom Search Engine? It is so simple I have listed below methods on how I can include your site to my Custom Search Engine

1) Subscribed to my feeds via email subscription. ( Don’t forget to verify your subscription first )

2) Link to my old post ( Leave in comment section the URL location )

3) Blog Roll Me ( you can choose your anchor text. )

Then I will respond to the comments after I have added your URL.

Other Rules

I will impose the rule of 1 e-mail per URL. If you would like to include your other blogs but you have already used your e-mail just make a post or mention one of my archive post in your blog post then let me know it by commenting here and I will be happy to include your site.

This is actually a win win scenario. I like to increase my feed subscriber by rewarding your site of being included in my custom Search Engine.

If you have link to me before and have already subscribed to my email just use your email in commenting and leave the blog URL where you link me and leave your URL that you want.

I have no idea how many blogs included me in their blog roll so if you have included this site in your blog roll. I will also include you.

How can you check if I have included your site ?

just try typing ” site://yourdomain.com ” at my custom search engine at the side bar.

This is my experiment to increase my RSS readers. Hope you like my simple request.

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  • I’ve corrected my url..here it is

  • Hi, I just subscribed to your feed. Good luck in your blogging endeavors. Hopefully, it helps me too.

  • @ Vertito

    Thanks for the visits. And I will..

  • Thanks David, I admire your decision to be a full time blogger. I have subscribed to your feeds via Google reader.

    If you would to join above mentioned experiment just subscribed via email so I can check and included in my custom search engine

  • Hey Dex, I’ve subscribed to your blog just now. Surely you wouldn’t mind subscribe to MY feeds now, would you? And by the way, thanks for the comment. I’ll keep working on this new business of mine (blogging until I’m finally worthy of your (or anyone else’s) admiration. Thanks again.

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