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Virus Alert: SMS Trojans found in the Android Market

Dec 13, 2011 by     8 Comments    Posted under: Android, Mobile

virusalertCell phones and other Android devices are at the risk of being infected by Trojans as fake apps enter the Google Android market. The malicious apps are actually premium rate SMS virus that generates SMS or text messages to premium rate destinations that results to bigger bills for smarthphone users

According to reports the fake apps / Trojans were added online by developer under the name “Lagostrod”. They hide as free version of popular apps including Cut the Rope and the well-loved Angry Birds. The Trojan was instantly removed from Google’s Android Market but there are different variations of the fake apps all over the web. Other Android markets, like AppBrain, still have this malicious app on their list under the developer name of “Miriada Production”.

According to analysts, the SMS Trojans have largely attacked Russian customers and continues to target a lot of users in 18 other countries, including the United Kingdom.

A similar attack at the Android market happened a few months ago. This is how the SMS trojan works: When the fake app is installed on your cell phone, a text message will be sent to a wide range of premium rate numbers. An infected phone will use up the user’s credits and eventually results to higher phone bills. 

During the previous SMS Trojan attack, Vanja Svajcer, one of top researchers at Sophos Labs, suggested that Android applications shouldn’t be allowed to self-sign and should have certified keys. Apps that are self-signed should not be allowed to send SMS messages. If by chance you have downloaded these fake apps, delete them immediately.

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  • or get an Antivirus app for android

  • warning message kasi muna ung isesend ng adsense team pero specified din dun sa message na disable na yung ad serving sa site,, ganyan ngyari sa akin. Tapos nung nilagay ko ung ads ko sa ibang site ko,, binabayaran nila ako in a couple of months. Pero nung naka-earn ako ng $1K+ totally banned na ung account ko… 🙁

    Aabangan ko next post mo about adsense payment.

  • boss running na pala ulit ung adsense sa sitemo na ‘toh ah,, paano ka nag-appeal sa kanila? namimiss ko na din kasi mag-adsense 🙁

    • @Juan,

      He he he, itong account na ginamit ko dito ay ginawa ko specially for this site. Ginawan ko ng account yung biyanenan ko.. I learned na kapag pala nag ban and adsense ng whole account di pala nya binaban ang lahat ng site but few site only. yun nga lang damay damay na.

      Pero under observation pa rin ang site na ito. Lampas na rin sya sa 100 kaya malalaman ko kung makakakuha pa ako ng bayad kay adsense kapag natanggap ko na ang aking PIN for this account. Kasi compared to other advertsiers talagang mas maaganda ang earnigns ng adsense

  • Aw! I’m using Xperia and planning to buy another new xperia model. Sony Ericsson runs an Android, good luck sakin! haha

    • @Henry,

      Ako man I am planning to buy Galaxy S2 kapag nakuha ko yung sweldo sa blogging this month 🙂 bahala na syang virus sya 🙂

  • good thing i don’t have an android phone. hehe 😀 or if may android man, prepaid! hahaha 😀

    • @jehzlau,

      Ito rin isang dahilan kaya binili ko iPad 2 hindi Galaxy Tab 10.1 he he h 🙂

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